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Old 01-30-2020, 11:39 PM
Hill Giant
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Default Theater of Blood

I'm working on the Theater of Blood zone on my server and thought how cool would it be to enable the level 68 Harmonic Dissonance gate/port to the zone. I don't have much experience messing with AA but since this is just a cast/port AA, how much is involved getting Harmonic Dissonance to show up on one of the AA tabs? It seems like it would be very similar to the Throne of Heros/Orgin/Gate AA. Any quick insight would be appreciated.
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Old 02-18-2020, 11:35 PM
Hill Giant
Join Date: Jul 2009
Location: Indianapolis
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Alright, I'm close to finishing Theater of Blood on my server so I just decided to dig around and figure this out for myself. I'm a big fan of this zone so this post is to help anyone who wants to use the AA to port directly to the zone as on EQ Live. In your server's quests folder, open up the global folder and then edit your server's global_player files (both perl and lua) and add this line to your AA abilities near the bottom:

[574] = {473040000, true, true}, -- Harmonic Dissonance 15 yr
Make sure this AA is set to active in your aa_ability table in your database.

Perl/LUA will vary slightly in syntax so just follow the examples for the existing veteran AA already in the files. Make sure you give the zone status of 0 in your zone table so that you can actually port there; otherwise it'll give you some jive-ass message about not owning the expansion. Also, notice the grant AA value based on time-played; just reduce the time (in seconds) if you want to grant a zone port sooner. If you want to get creative you could use this AA to port to any unique zone that you create. I'm sure there's many ways you could use this earned AA port but I stuck to the original intent.

Have fun.
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