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Old 09-10-2019, 03:24 AM
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Default Deleteing Globals

I need to delete a player's quest global, but from an event timer so there is no player context in (e), instead I have a client using getrandomclient().

There's only one function I can find to delete quest globals, which is delete_global(char *name), this function doesn't include the player.

So I'm looking to add a function that lets you delete a global specifying a client id. Is this all I need to do?

1. Add the new function to the luabind register in lua_general.cpp.
2. Add a function to lua_general.cpp that calls the function in questmgr.cpp
3. Add a new function (delete_char_global) to questmgr.cpp and questmgr.h, that takes and uses uses an additional clientid parameter.

		luabind::def("delete_char_global", &lua_delete_char_global),
void lua_delete_char_global(const char *name, int charid) {
	quest_manager.delcharglobal(name, charid);
	void delcharglobal(const char * varname, int charid);
void QuestManager::delcharglobal(const char *varname, int charid) {
	int qgZoneid = zone->GetZoneID();
	int qgCharid = charid;
	int qgNpcid = owner ? owner->GetNPCTypeID() : 0; // encounter scripts don't have an owner

	/* QS: PlayerLogQGlobalUpdate */
	if (RuleB(QueryServ, PlayerLogQGlobalUpdate) && qgCharid && qgCharid > 0 && initiator && initiator->IsClient()) {
		std::string event_desc = StringFormat("Deleted :: qglobal:%s zoneid:%i instid:%i", varname, initiator->GetZoneID(), initiator->GetInstanceID());
		QServ->PlayerLogEvent(Player_Log_QGlobal_Update, qgCharid, event_desc);

	std::string query = StringFormat("DELETE FROM quest_globals "
		"WHERE name = '%s' "
		"&& (npcid=0 || npcid=%i) "
		"&& (charid=0 || charid=%i) "
		"&& (zoneid=%i || zoneid=0)",
		varname, qgNpcid, qgCharid, qgZoneid);
	auto results = database.QueryDatabase(query);
	if (!results.Success())
		std::cerr << "delglobal error deleting " << varname << " : " << results.ErrorMessage() << std::endl;

	if (!zone)

	auto pack = new ServerPacket(ServerOP_QGlobalDelete, sizeof(ServerQGlobalDelete_Struct));
	ServerQGlobalDelete_Struct *qgu = (ServerQGlobalDelete_Struct *)pack->pBuffer;

	qgu->npc_id = qgNpcid;
	qgu->char_id = qgCharid;
	qgu->zone_id = qgZoneid;
	strcpy(qgu->name, varname);

	entity_list.DeleteQGlobal(std::string((char *)qgu->name), qgu->npc_id, qgu->char_id, qgu->zone_id);
	zone->DeleteQGlobal(std::string((char *)qgu->name), qgu->npc_id, qgu->char_id, qgu->zone_id);

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