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Old 01-24-2009, 12:58 PM
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i had a few leadership points on my warrior on live. was 4boxer for awhile on progression server for 2-3months last year(heres where i got my limited leadership experiences)

i remember being very surprised at how slow leadership xp moved.(and at how weak the effects were hehe) would have to say it "seemed" perhaps 50% slower than AA exp if i had to guess. no expert but thats what i remember.
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Old 01-24-2009, 01:48 PM
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As long as rules are added to allow them to be adjusted per server, it shouldn't matter much on how it is set in the source code. But yeah, from what I recall back when leadership and raid leadership first came out was that they were very slow. They were for people who grouped much more than average, to give them something extra to work on.
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Old 01-24-2009, 09:53 PM
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i was in luck when it came to Leadership points.
our guild had raiding policy that groups are formed by healers - which means my druid was automaticly a group leader on every raid and from what I remeber for Leadership it matters the AMMOUNT of mobs killed (not just raw xp you gain from them) as long as they at least blue cons.

and I must say - the extra target window for your targets target was best feature of all- specialy for healers - I didn't had to swith betwin mob and my tank to find out how soon fight in likely to end to anticipate what to cast

of course in eq2 they made that a freebie
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Old 01-25-2009, 12:25 AM
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Leadership AA's were and still are painfully slow. I have a few on my Live Ranger, but they take forever. You have to have at least 3 in the group to earn any. They implemented what was called a "mentor" program where the leader could "share" the leadership xp. It was interesting and helped a lot of folks get their leadership points.
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Old 09-22-2009, 12:51 AM
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Shin Noir
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Not sure if this includes SoF, but.
1. The Ruins of Kunark (March 2000)
2. The Scars of Velious (December 2000)
3. The Shadows of Luclin (December 2001)
4. The Planes of Power (October 2002)
5. The Legacy of Ykesha (February 2003)
6. Lost Dungeons of Norrath (September 2003)
7. Gates of Discord (February 2004)
8. Omens of War (September 2004)
9. Dragons of Norrath (February 2005)
10. Depths of Darkhollow (September 2005)
are included in Titanium

11. Prophecy of Ro (February 2006)
12. The Serpent's Spine (September 2006)
13. The Buried Sea (February 2007)
14. Secrets of Faydwer (November 2007)
are in SoF
Prophecies of Ro:
* Player-Set Traps
* Destructible Objects
* Eight New Bank Spaces
* Buff Filters
* Free New Zone: Freeport Sewers
* New "Aura" spells
Aura effect fix for Titanium possible?
Auras for SoF client.
Buff filter # command for Titanium compatibility, and SoF usage?
The Serpent's Spine:
New /con system:
* Grey - This creature is trivial to you and will give you no experience for killing it.
* Green - This creature is not much of a threat, but will still give you some experience.
* Light Blue - This creature is below your level, but high enough level to give you experience.
* Dark Blue - This creature is below your level, but a solid challenge, giving more experience than a light blue mob.
* White - This creature is the same level as you.
* Yellow - This creature is slightly above your level.
* Red - This creature is well above your level.
# "Lore Information" tab on certain items
# New stat: "SV CORRUPTION" (some NPCs' AE attacks are corruption-based, requiring a corruption cure)
#New out-of-combat regeneration system allows you to sit down and rest after being out of combat for 30 seconds (group) or 5 minutes (raid). An icon displays your status:
New out-of-combat regeneration system allows you to sit down and rest after being out of combat for 30 seconds (group) or 5 minutes (raid). An icon displays your status:
* Crossed Swords - You are currently in combat.
* Hour Glass - You are recovering from combat and cannot rest yet. In addition to the hourglass, there is a timer bar beneath the endurance bar that will count down as you get closer to being rested.
* Poison Drop - You are no longer in combat, but cannot rest because of a debuff that is affecting you. You must get rid of the debuff before you can rest. Certain debuffs now have a yellow border instead of a red one. These debuffs do not affect your ability to rest.
* Void - The void is the default icon and indicates that you are not in-combat and you can rest at any time.
* Energy Swirl - The energy swirl indicates that you are currently resting.

The Buried Sea
# Energeian Items (Powersources)

* Only items from TBS with the stat called "Purity" can use the effect of a powersource.
* When you equip a powersource, all such items you have equipped will automatically take the powersource's effect.
* The "Purity" stat is a percentage. The item will pull x% of the powersource's stats as long as the powersource remains equipped.
o Powersources weaken over time at a rate which depends on how many items are drawing power from the powersource. They can last a maximum 139 hours (only one item equipped) down to a minimum of 11 hours (10 items equipped).
* Powersources for levels up to ~70 can be tradeskilled.
* Powersources for higher levels can be found through the Combine Empire Merchants in Katta Castrum (same area of this map).
* Group-level powersources are bought from Trader Vallarines using Orux. (??? Faction required)
* Raid-level powersources are bought from Master Pokk using Phosphites. (Ally faction required.)

# Fellowships

* Like a "mini-guild" but exist in addition to guilds.
* Maximum of nine players (though the manual says the max. is 6, in game it is apparently nine).
* See the bestiary entry for Randall of the Fellows for detailed information about and how to set up Fellowships.
* Randall, as well as vendor Fellows Wyllie and Byllie, are located in the building next to the Nexus Stone in the Plane of Knowledge.

# Guild Banners

* Guilds can create a unique Guild Banner from a large selection of symbols and colors.
* Once a guild has three groups in a zone, an officer can plant a banner in that zone, allowing other guild members to teleport to it.
* Teleport using the Guild Hall portal ("Splinter from a Guild Standard" for ~184pp).
* Guild Banner vendors Rhondda and Sephorra can be found in the building next to the Nexus Stone in the Plane of Knowledge.
* See the bestiary entry for Rhondda the Flagger for detailed information about Guild Banners and how to set them up.

Secrets of Faydwer:

* Heroic Statistics will be found on many SOF-dropped items, both at the raid and group level, and will modify things such as avoidance and mitigation, give extra melee damage, add extra modifiers to HP, Mana, and Endurance, and so forth.
* The level cap increases from 75 to 80.

Expansions not included yet:
15. Seeds of Destruction (October 200[13]
16. Announced:Underfoot[3] (December 2009)[14]

~Shin Noir
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Old 01-23-2010, 10:04 PM
Fire Beetle
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The Group filter button the map isn't there. it shows you where your group members are via green "X" 's on the map. Not sure when it went live thou. Pre-SoF
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