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Old 09-21-2019, 11:17 PM
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Default Hero's Respite NOW LIVE!

The Doors Have Opened!


You have fought valiantly on Norrath and have been awarded entrance into the afterlife, named Hero's Respite. Hariasa created this afterlife to search for a hero or legend foretold to defeat her former sisters. Hariasa believes this hero is you. Hariasa is an Idsi warrior created by the gods themselves to uphold the values of the righteous gods and protect all of Norrath. There were 5 Idsi warriors created and all but Hariasa turned to evil and corruption when they could not bear to defend the Norrathians who did not hold their same values. Why would they work effortlessly to ensure the safety of such meaningless creatures and never get to relish in the spoils of their greed and selfishness. When the 4 corrupted Idsi warriors rebelled against the will of their creators they cast out Hariasa and sealed their plane of power to anyone who did not bear the mark of an Idsi warrior. Knowing that Hariasa could not defeat all of them single handedly their plan worked for millennia where they have sown corruption from on high.

Leveling Content

Hariasa believes you are the warrior who will bring an end to the Corrupted Idsi's reign of chaos. In order to enter the Halls of Honor you will need to bear the mark of an Idsi which is attained through 7 trials. Each trial will require you to gain 10 levels and complete a task within the allotted time.


Defeat the Bone Chewer Orc Clan 1-10
Defeat the Blacksail Pirates 11-20
Defeat the Living Dead 21-30
Defeat the Order of Blood 31-40
Defeat the Gathered Elements 41-50
Defeat the Hellborne 51-60
Defeat the Warborne 61-70

*Once you complete these trials you will be able to enter the Halls of Honor and fulfill your destiny.

Level 70 - Halls of Honor - Tier Zero

Your destiny awaits inside these halls. Here you will find many new dangers as well as new rewards!
Defeating the Corrupted Idsi will grant you access to the Plane of Tranquility as well as level 71!
7 New WEAPON PROC Augmentations!
New Weapon Sets!

Level 71 - Plane of Tranquility - Tier 1.5

A Mysterious Traveler has arrived and the Chamberlain of Eternity has shocking news...

Discover what the Mysterious Traveler has to show you as you battle your way through:
- Mastery Point System: Speak with the other champions in PoTranq to find out more!
- Gear has increasing levels of augmentation slots based on difficulty!
- 7 Zones with 5 Difficulties each you can attempt to defeat!
- New armor sets, weapons sets, and augmentations!

Stay tuned for the second half of Plane of Tranquility and the conclusion of Tier One!

*Join our Discord for daily updates!*
World Builder at Hero's Respite
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Old 09-22-2019, 08:07 AM
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Default Hero's Respite

Solid content! Has a rewarding and enjoyable feel to the EQ grind =)
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Old 10-01-2019, 01:25 PM
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Level 71 - Plane of Tranquility - Tier 1.5 UPDATE
The Gods have sent a most capable blacksmith to aid you on your journey! A Son of Durin has appeared in the Plane of Tranquility to upgrade your augmentations!
- 28 New ranked augmentations with a variety of powerful proc effects!
World Builder at Hero's Respite
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