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Support::General Support Post all topics here having to do with errors while trying to connect to an EQEMu server but not about the setup/running of the Server itself.

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Old 01-31-2020, 11:31 PM
Fire Beetle
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Default EQ1 EMU Sanctuary Server

STAY AWAY form this server! Its changed ownership way too many times and refuse to reimburse anyone. Classes unbalanced and it is difficult(not complaining) but the pop is so low grouping is rare. A buddy of mine found a lot of bugs and exploits. He told admin but i guess he found one and wasnt sure about it - he was deleted, go figure. Folks getting deleted left and right finding bugs and exploits. This shit should have been tested before going live, its insane how much is wrong. I was crafting and sold my items to vendor which i made a couple plat on and POOF - deleted my characters. No warning or nothing.solitaire.onl/ 9apps.ooo/

Good Luck
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Old 02-08-2020, 05:15 AM
Fire Beetle
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This is the best kind of exposure one could hope for, I'd think.

To my knowledge only one player has had any sort of deletion-based action taken against their account.

This character was found out to have navigated to closed off stock-EQ zones, used explicitly forbidded MQ utilities extensively, to have sold literally thousands of crafted items that sold for obviously too much, and then used stock vendors in the aforementioned zone to buy things in great quantities they shouldn't have had access to with such ease. None of this was passed on or expressed to the dev team in any way, the player instead explicitly did this and attempted to hide it, even creating a level 1 character who would have appropriate OT faction to make the purchases, thus avoiding any attempted hand-waving of it being "accidental." It was clearly a premeditated and intentional exploitation. Granted, the merchants shouldn't have that stuff, but I think it's more granted that players should know there is literally no reason to cheat on a private custom server besides the fact that you are so bad at the game you have to in order to feel cool.

Anyways, they then circumvented an IP ban multiple times after being found out. Each time they attempted to move the exploited goods forwards - had they simply played legit and not kept trying to keep their illgotten gainns it probably would have end there.

After the third attempt to move these goods it was decided that clearly deletion was the only clear way to send a message of "hey, stop doing that" since evidently following basic rules is very hard and being banned and reproached did not clearly communicate that what they were doing was not okay. How this message was not clear will be a mystery that may outlast the universe itself.

If you don't want to play by a server's rules, don't play on the server. Play on a different one, or start your own. There is literally no reason to exploit or cheat any more than there is to go to a friend's house who is DMing tabletop and to cheat there. You're literally defeating the point of even playing, you're being an absolute jerk to the DM who spent time building it for you, and you're ruining it for other players. It is the most childish way you could participate, and it is, frankly, pathetic.

Grow up, please, even if just a little.

Just figured someone out there would enjoy the broader context and the much more truthful and fleshed out 'other side' of the story.
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