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Old 01-11-2019, 03:53 PM
Fire Beetle
Join Date: Mar 2002
Posts: 20
Default Setting up server, want to know some thing.

Currently I have:

1. A gig connection
2. PFSense Firewall
3. PowerEdge R810 with Quad e7-4870's
4. Storage out the ass + backup
5. SOME coding exp, and SOME sql experience.

Going to setup a proxy soon as well.

I am curious I would LOVE to host my own private server. (or if others need hosting I would be happy too as well.)

I need to know, can anyone help me get started and if it's viable to create a server with project 1999 out there? Also will the Emulator run on a VM (ESXI) okay?
"DIEING for a drink Graham?" -- Narrator King's Quest 5
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Old 01-11-2019, 04:18 PM
Join Date: May 2005
Posts: 53

I don't know the answer to all of your questions, but as for the "is it viable" part, I think what you got to ask yourself is what do I want to get out of running a server?

For me, I am creating a server because it's fun to experiment and play with different things in the game. It may never come to be anything of any true significance, but that's not the point. The point is to have fun, and right now, I am having a blast testing the limits and see what I can make the game do.

If a few of my friends play it, great. If nobody plays it, that's fine too. In the end, it will have been an enjoyable experience, and that's what matters to me.
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Old 01-11-2019, 04:25 PM
Fire Beetle
Join Date: Mar 2002
Posts: 20

i agree, but it would be awesome to have people on my server. And I want to care for it and actually make it real. I always wanted to do this, and now that I have extensive knowledge as a System Admin, i can do this.
"DIEING for a drink Graham?" -- Narrator King's Quest 5
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