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Old 12-06-2021, 03:02 AM
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Talking Idea: Game of Thrones world merge with HurbQuest

If you want to share ideas, come to my forum thread here: https://hurbquest.freeforums.net/thr...est-server-mod

it seems like this idea isn't new, but im going to start doing it to HurbQuest for fun...

i can use npcedit and assign paths to make Game of Thrones npc's populate the world

the hardest/actual/tedious work would be changing quest / dialogue.. finding the City names like Freeport, and changing them to King's Landing .. even keeping all the other dialogue, even character names the same... but reference the GoT locations to keep immersion

the character edits would be simple once outlined (which city becomes which? who should be there to represent who? etc)

we dont need to change zone names or files, that wont matter.. the displayed text data can be altered , so /who says "there is 1 player in King's Landing"

old EQ stuff basically merges and becomes subplots... now we have new races, new dangers

.. but still Dragons, undead, warring factions... like Paladins can become Lord of Light vs The Faithful , The Seven ...

the night king has a compound of ice giants and his dragon...

its already there... its ALL there

In Qeynos, you'll find a couple of merchants named Sansa Nusk and Joffrey Clay. Sansa and Joffrey are characters from the "Song of Fire and Ice" series by George R.R. Martin.

  • dark magic / blood magic = NEC / SK
  • Lord of Light / the Seven = PAL .. multiple guilds/factions for this (rodcet nife, mith marr)
  • Maesters of citadel = MAG / WIZ / ENCH <- enchanter sort of Lord of Light related, like Stannis and Melisandre... bloodmagic though .. naughty.
  • MNK/WAR/ROG/RNG all seem relevant as humans in Westeros/Essos
  • DRU/SHAMAN/BSTLORD - Wierwood/Old Gods! unsure about frogloks vah shir etc, they can fit ... its a fantasy!
  • gnomes/dwarfs/halflings will be revealed to show Tyrion is really of another race, not the son of Tywin at all.. like John Snow becoming John Sand .. so now we have canon for three small races since martin just went with midgets
  • The Hound and The Mountain will be Barbarian race
  • Everfrost peaks/Halas = The Wall/Castle Black
  • Dervish cutthroats = The Brotherhood
  • Greater Faydark Kelethin/Felwithe = The Vale, since you can fall to your death and its all nature..
  • High elfs= house Targaryen
  • Highkeep = Lord Frey, because of being a point of crossing .. instead of a river its the pass
  • Odus = Erudites are Valyrian as well ..
  • Centaurs are Dothraki

it all makes a lot of sense.. gives people their OWN piece of game of thrones... like Lord of the Rings online... without being soaked and immersed only in book related quests but NEW things entirely while you're immersed

clearly the beyond Classic zones and expansions add some new ideas to expand .. like Planes of Power all the gods are The Seven, etc

ill post my progress on https://twitter.com/big_hurb

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