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Old 05-05-2018, 12:08 PM
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Originally Posted by TacoBiscuit View Post
I found a solution, not the best one, but it can help me get off the ground, "YardDoggs PEQ Luclin Database", I have been using this for a day now, but the boats won't work. Any way I can enable them?

Here is his link to his Database: http://www.eqemulator.org/forums/showthread.php?t=41593
It seems that the link for the db has failed.
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Old 07-10-2018, 07:09 PM
Fire Beetle
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It's not that no one wants to put in the work, it's that for every person that knows how, there are 100 that want it. That and they won't let you box on p99 (which is entirely lame, and inaccurate for the time frame they are in). I'm not greedy...I would love to pay for that which i do not know how to do. I just don't want people telling me how to play.
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Old 07-10-2018, 08:51 PM
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The boats are a nightmare to begin with. The problem is there is a direct3d issue with the old boat model used which causes no collision with the boats. The only fix for the boats that i've found is the workaround I did initially.


There are a few more posts in there that have more info on how other people got the boats working better than I did. So I would read that through.

Also on a side note, making a classic server like your talking about takes alot of time. Even with a team working on P99 it took them forever to get things working right and they still patch and make tweaks.

An easy starting point for a more classic experience is to disable all the revamped zones, Turn off the tutorial, and change the starting zones for all the races to the original home towns based on their race/class choice.
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Old 07-11-2018, 04:44 PM
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EXCELLENT suggestion Nightrider84,

I like your simple idea of a classic feeling, and you made me spill my coffee with the direct3D model comment haha how I remember it was buggy back in the days, and love your boat+guide, will be fun to mess with this, THX!
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Old 07-12-2018, 12:14 AM
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Here is the guide I made (never posted) about how to get the classic servers to load on your client once you made the changes server side.

You're Welcome =P

Required for Classic zones to load.

Remove all Misty_thicket files and Toxxulia files.

Only remove nektulos files and lavastorm files with the same name that aren't in this list.

Any zone files that you don't have in this list may be aquired through the Titanium and SOF/SOD clients.

I recommend getting the files through titanium first before getting the remaining files from other clients





In case underfoot is your client that you're using.

Files Needed for Underfoot to run correctly with the server.

--------->From Titanium<-----------
File Date File Size File Name
2005-10-17 11:37 178030 blackburrow_2_obj.s3d
2005-10-17 11:30 2520 freportw_sounds.eff
2005-10-17 11:28 163048 freportn.xmi
2005-10-17 11:29 1809356 freportn_chr.s3d
2005-10-17 11:29 102 freportn_sndbnk.eff
2005-10-17 11:29 1344 freportn_sounds.eff
2005-10-17 11:29 68840 freportw.xmi
2005-10-17 11:30 2628677 freportw_chr.s3d
2005-10-17 11:29 184 freportw_sndbnk.eff
2005-10-17 11:35 24 freportw_assets.txt
2005-10-17 11:28 26548 nro.xmi
2005-10-17 11:28 2569236 nro_chr.s3d
2005-10-17 11:34 84 nro_chr.txt
2005-10-17 11:33 301167 nro_obj2.s3d
2005-10-17 11:28 137 nro_sndbnk.eff
2005-10-17 11:28 2940 nro_sounds.eff
2005-10-17 11:30 73800 nro2_chr.s3d
2005-10-17 11:30 2856 oasis_sounds.eff
2005-10-17 11:29 73802 oasis2_chr.s3d
2005-10-17 11:33 373067 oasis_2_obj.s3d
2005-10-17 11:30 2544081 oasis_chr.s3d
2005-10-17 11:34 52 oasis_chr.txt
2005-10-17 11:29 153 oasis_sndbnk.eff
2005-10-17 11:39 19505 oot_chr2.s3d
2005-10-17 11:39 512580 rathemtn_chr2.s3d
2005-10-17 11:37 2856 soltemple_sounds.eff
2005-10-17 11:36 244516 soltemple_chr.s3d
2005-10-17 11:37 85 soltemple_sndbnk.eff
2005-10-17 11:30 2772 sro_sounds.eff
2005-10-17 11:33 297528 sro_2_obj.s3d
2005-10-17 11:29 2484461 sro_chr.s3d
2005-10-17 11:35 21 sro_chr.txt
2005-10-17 11:29 178 sro_sndbnk.eff

File Date File Size File Name
--------->From Titanium, SoD or Live<-----------
2005-10-17 11:34 1944364 bas.eqg
2005-10-17 11:28 2415064 blackburrow_chr.s3d
2005-10-17 11:39 2743860 bothunder.mp3
2005-10-17 11:39 7127397 bothunder.s3d
2005-10-17 11:39 3090804 bothunder_chr.s3d
2005-10-17 11:41 34 bothunder_chr.txt
2005-10-17 11:39 3988692 bothunder_obj.s3d
2005-10-17 11:38 77 dreadlands_chr.txt
2005-10-17 11:38 3144939 frozenshadow_chr.s3d
2005-10-17 11:30 873955 gequip3.s3d
2005-10-17 11:44 262 gukg_chr.txt
2005-10-17 11:42 2239485 gukh.s3d
Supernova - GM/Developer
"Secrets of Faydwer"
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Old 07-12-2018, 07:01 PM
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I get that servers like P99 cannot sell access to the server, because it's a replication of someone else's property. But their DB is not. It's theirs. EQ didn't use that kind of DB. I sincerely think they would be well within their providence to sell their SQL. As someone with well over $1000 in donors on THF, I would not think twice about paying at least $500 for it. $1000 if I could get one for vanilla, one then including Kunark, and then one including up to Velious.
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Old 07-12-2018, 07:03 PM
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