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Old 02-13-2017, 03:05 AM
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Default Bots depoping on group member zone in.

I necrod an old thread, but I figured I'd start a new one to make sure the issue I'm experiencing is clear, and not confused with other bot issues.

We have issues with bots under 2 circumstances. (Fresh pull from master, and old release.)

1) If you have a group of bot(s) and players, if you zone in 1st to a zone, your bots are fine, until your other players zone in. Then all your bots depop. I do not think this is intentional, and it can cause problems getting into zones that have mobs @ the door. (Sola)

2) If you are in a group of bot(s) and players, and you zone in after another player, your bots stop functioning. They still display in group, however, they are not. So, you must disband, and it gets very glitchy. It's best to just 'fake' camp to get them to depop. (They don't leave gorup, they look as if they zoned.) then spawn them. (They look like they are in group, but are not.) And then reinvite them. (Then they start working again, as if they are in group.)

I have messed with the code. I'm not a pro-programmer. But I know enough to add logging to try and find errors.

I've ruled out the bot::depop() being called upon zone of group members. But that is all I've ruled out.

I can also post this on GIT if it will help get attention.
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Old 02-13-2017, 07:47 PM
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It's not an attention issue..I can assure you.

This has been posted about before..but, I haven't been able to track this down with 100% certainty.

Part of the problem is enthusiasm for bot support (they are a corner-case of server demography.)

Most all of the devs will modify bot code when they affect changes in 'normal' code..but, I'm about the only active dev currently working with bots and their issues.

This issue involves both zone and world servers' code and database information - which makes tracing the issue out even more complex.

It is on the list..

If you run across any more symptoms regarding this, please feel free to post.

The more information available about this, the better the chances of finding the cause.
Uleat of Bertoxxulous

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Old 02-15-2017, 12:07 AM
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Found another behavior.

If I invite someone out of zone, then summon, and invite bots. I see the group correctly, the other individual does not see any bots in group.

So that is a 3rd way to make bot groups not update clients correctly.
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