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Old 01-30-2017, 12:58 PM
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Default Replacing textures in eqg based zones

As we know, it is possible to replace textures in s3d files using EQ-Zip. I have used this to great effect on my server, giving the game an entirely new art style.

However, things get a little trickier when trying to replace textures in an eqg based zone.

From what I can tell, there are 3 files associated with each texture in these zones.

First, you have the detailed texture file

Secondly, there is the "normal map" version of the same texture file

Last, we have a file that can be opened as a plain text file, containing information about how the texture is used in the zone.

When opened, here is the information within the .eco file:

	*LAYER	dirtpath
		*MINHEIGHT	-10000.000000
		*MAXHEIGHT	10000.000000
		*HEIGHTTOL	10.000000
		*COVERMAP	coverage2_rock.dds
		*BLENDMAP	default.bmp
		*LAYERINGMAP	default.bmp
		*DETAILMAP	Di_moors_dirt_path.dds
		*NORMALMAP	moors_dirt_path_10n.dds

Now.... what I did to try and replace this texture, was open the "detailed" version in my image editing tool of choice, and then replace it with my new texture and save over the dds file. Inserting it into the eqg file by itself resulted in my zone crashing when loading into the game, giving an error that the zone file itself is "not found" (the same error that occurs, for example, if you try zoning into cshome without having the zone files in your directory)

So naturally, the next thing I tried was taking the "normal map" version of the file and replacing IT with my custom texture... zone crash

So now I'm thinking, I might need to start learning what the hell a normal map is, and how I can make one... so I load up a plugin for GIMP, run a normal map filter over the texture, and replace it using EQ-Zip... crash.

I'm at a standstill for now -- does anyone have any insight into what might make replacing textures within an eqg zone possible?
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Old 02-15-2017, 11:07 PM
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If I recall correctly when I was mucking about with eqg files and moving textures from one to another, EQ-Zip "breaks" the file. To fix, just open it in EQG Zone Importer, "save" it and then load in game. It should work again after that. You don't need to change anything, just open then save and it should work.
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