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Old 10-03-2019, 03:15 PM
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That is what I was getting at chrsschb. There needs to be a better way to gauge the quality of the server other than how many people are afk in the hub zone.
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Originally Posted by chrsschb View Post
Then when legacy is a mile long we can come up with another category called REALLY Legacy and move stuff there.
You have a bigger point there chrsschb than some may realize, considering a server on the Legends list was bumped down to Preferred, (making that list longer), and now at risk of further descent.

Originally Posted by DreadDev View Post
setting criteria that are ACTUALLY representative of how well the server is doing.
As far as I'm concerned, it's not so much how a server was doing at the point of promotion, that's where we can ask, how well is the server going to do? And as the servers in question have taught anyone, it's not about how much effort you may be able to continue putting into it, to prevent a server from going dead. With the "modern player community", it's almost impossible to keep up with demands for content. Major dev teams at Sony couldn't do it, let alone a couple guys getting together around here. Even with all the devs involved that give us these servers, they are only up to OoW content, after all these years.
Those servers you see up on the Legends list, (P99, PEQ, EZ, etc) they have the manpower and resources to keep it alive for many years. It's the kind of team dedication that most of us little people will never be capable of. That's reality. Sure, it's possible someday, there could be a handful of people that will get together and be able to keep something alive for a few years or more, but for now, what you see on the green and white list is some of those little people holding on to everything they put into it. Keeping up with player interest is more than doable. Getting on the green list is more than doable. But you will always be living on borrowed time. Don't stress yourself out over it.
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