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Old 06-27-2020, 06:22 AM
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Default Stop Rk. II/III from auto-scribing

If you're like me and auto scribe spells upon level up you may notice at higher ranks that you're getting an extra 2 copies of pretty much each spell after a certain level. This t r i g g e r s me.

This isn't exactly a quest, but it is for custom servers. I have a solution that will stop 5506 spells from scribing, but will leave 96 spells that would otherwise be broken by this.

If you'd like to stop this from happening follow these simple and easy steps:

  • Back up your 'spells_new' table.
  • Set Spells:UseCHAScribeHack to 'true' in your rule_values table.
UPDATE rule_values SET rule_value = 'true' WHERE rule_name = 'Spells:UseCHAScribeHack' and ruleset_id ='1';
  • Set Rk. II and Rk. III spell's Effect12 ID to 10 (CHA)
UPDATE spells_new SET effectid12 = '10' WHERE `name` like '%Rk.%' AND effectid12 = '254';

Additionally, if you are a brave soul and would like to restructure the 96 spells that are left by this here they are:
SELECT * FROM spells_new WHERE effectid12 != '254' and effectid12 != '10' AND `name` like '%rk.%';

Note: The spells will still scribe when you use #scribespells but it will not scribe to players upon leveling.

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