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Loot Fest
 Worldserver Name: Loot Fest-:sweet random loot,bot,powerful mobs
 Server Version: 0.8.0
 Server Status: Down (Last Seen: 08/26/12 11:38 PM EST)
 Average Players: 23
 Max Players: 91
 Registered Name: Loot Fest
 Server Type: Non-Legit, Custom
 Class: Standard
 Server Owner: QueenPetals
 Website: http://lootfest.net
 Description: Now Running on NEW SERVER! 8 Core dedicated line, no lag! -Every Item has been modified and added to lootdrops. -Each and every mob in the world has a chance to drop great stuff. -All Items are tradeable/sharable, and level restrictions have been removed. Yes you can get the feeling of twinking new characters. -Monsters have been scaled to match the increased power that items will bring them. You have it easy until level 20 where HP and dmg boosted, but its still kinda easy with a bot. -Monsters above level 60 can drop weapon augs that increase damage, but these mobs are also extremely tough, very high hp and hit hard, so you have fight for those augs. -1 bot summonable, you can make up to 50. I recommend a rogue, ranger or a paladin, have a cleric hotkey handy too. -Healing spells are more potent, to match the increased hp of players on the server. Damaging spells are also more powerful. -Bots have their ai modified so they heal better, clerics actually complete heal you when you need it! -Players can use the zone command and all zones have been unlocked, explore to find the best stuff! -Spellcasters can make use of the scribespells command if they wish.
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