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Rise of Zek: Legends [Luclin/PVP/Progression](riseofzek.com)
 Worldserver Name: Rise of Zek: Legends PvP [Luclin] (www.riseofzek.com)
 Server Version: [U]
 Server Status: UP
 Players Online: 54
 Average Players: 82
 Max Players: 246
 Registered Name: Rise of Zek: Legends [Luclin/PVP/Progression](riseofzek.com)
 Server Type: PvP
 Class: Preferred
 Server Owner: UniXY
 Website: http://riseofzek.com
 Description: Rise of Zek is a [90% classic] EQ PVP progression server. The other 5% is weighted towards slight balance changes in gear and resists. Bazaar and beastlords are available in Velious. Classic era lasted around 6 months before Kunark was released. Velious is currently rolling out new zones every week. The server was officially launched 6/29/2018.

RoZ has world-class coder(s) / operations and a fixed budget for servers, and bandwidth. RoZ is hosted on physical hardware in a datacenter. RoZ is free to play. At launch item creation logs and GM commands will be made public as anti-corruption measures. As well as a fully featured Character Browser (live) which shows bank/bags/corpses so players may see everything transparently. RoZ is for fans by fans.

Features: +- 4 level PVP spread No XP loss on PVP death & spawn w/ 0 mana 1 item loot from inventory (no no-drop / no bags themselves) & coin LNS rules apply though corpse may be fetched after [30] minutes from a Soulbinder [3] box limit. Maps are disabled in certain classic zones. No third party hacking programs, server-side AND client-side detection is active and bans will be delayed in waves. IRL threats will be met with bans. No accusations of cheating unless you have solid proof. Submit to petitions section of forum. Healing/buffing a higher level player will flag you for PVP Anti-plug mechanics

How to help: Visit https://riseofzek.com and signup on the website. Participate in polls and post feedback. Play, or don't. Join Discord https://discord.gg/AP8Q7dm Shoot promotional videos of PVP / PVE.
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