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World of Everquest
 Worldserver Name: World of Everquest
 Server Version: [U]
 Server Status: Down (Last Seen: 04/23/21 09:31 AM EST)
 Average Players: 3
 Max Players: 14
 Registered Name: World of Everquest
 Server Type: Non-Legit, Custom, PvE
 Class: Standard
 Server Owner: Nerdgasm
 Website: http://https://discord.gg/kkghwkYB9U
 Description: Completely custom server build around the idea of World of Warcraft. All abilities, some NPC names and other things (items, etc) are not my design. We are merely making a World of Warcraft server, but in Everquest. This project is on going, and we are actively seeking an extra developer or two - Not you Johnny, p!$$ up a rope scrub.

We offer;

  • Completely custom classes. Most of your favorite spells from WoW Classic have been added in.
  • Custom scaling - Your spells will deal base damage and have a modify attached to them. This is passive damage that you will not see unless you are running GameParse or something similar to track your damage.
  • BALANCE - If you feel some class is too weak, or even too strong, as long as you show us an example in Discord of what you mean and I cannot disprove it by showing you a better rotation, or what not, they will be fixed.
  • ALL TALENT SPECS DEAL DAMAGE (Obviously DPS more so then healers and tank.)
  • Custom talents (won't be live till after Beta, we are finely tuning it to make sure they work correctly.)
  • Public Dungeons and Raids that have no cap to how many people you bring, with dungeons offering more then 1 item per boss, it's an easy way to gear up. (Dungeons are on a 24 hour respawn for bosses, 2 hour for trash, Raids are 7 days for bosses and 24 hours for trash to prevent over farming.)
  • Instanced Dungeons and Raids - 6 people per dungeon and an undetermined amount of people per raid.
  • UNLIMITED BOXING - I encourage it, actually.

    But with the unlimited boxing some rules do apply...
  • NO BOTTING - Bots will be banned.
  • NO WARPING - People who warp will be monitored, and if detected doing it again by one of our Staff you will be banned. This is your ONLY warning.
  • NO AFK FARMING - Same thing if we detect that you are AFK farming we will verify and ban if so.

    For more information please visit our discord;


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