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The Firiona Vie Project
 Worldserver Name: The Firiona Vie Project
 Server Version: [U]
 Server Status: UP
 Players Online: 2
 Average Players: 2
 Max Players: 10
 Registered Name: The Firiona Vie Project
 Server Type: Legit
 Class: Standard
 Server Owner: Turmoiltoad
 Website: http://fvproject.com/

This server is currently under development and in the BETA stage.

  • Emulate parts of the Firiona Vie experience from a Classic launch
  • Two-boxing allowed!
  • Encourage Roleplay, fair play, community, in-game economy
  • Progress through expansions as the community is capable
  • Almost ALL loot is droppable (exceptions for Epics, Artifacts, etc.)
  • Old loots active (Manastone, pre-nerf CoS, etc.)
  • Common Tongue starts at 1 skill if you're not human--you have to learn it
  • Pets blow up when you zone
  • Single-language (Perl) quest-script code base, and relevant database information to be open sourced at each expansion release

  • BETA:
  • Began 7 FEB 2020
  • Any issues that were missed should be identified and resolved
  • ALPHA REWARDS will be gifted to dedicated helpers
  • Cleanup of any missed out-of-era mobs, loots, zones will be ongoing
  • Characters will NOT be wiped after Beta
  • Items that are game-breaking or unfair will be dealt with on a one-on-one basis with staff
  • Zone disruptions and server reboots may not always be announced, but please get in touch with staff if you suffer unintended consequences

  • ALPHA:
  • Began 7 FEB 2018
  • Cleanup of out-of-era mobs, loots, city zones will be ongoing
  • Organize a client, and a wiki for information
  • Volunteer Developer staff is welcome--please PM for details (strict rules for Devs, don't apply unless you can work on a team)
  • Zone disruptions and server reboots will not be announced, but please get in touch with staff if you suffer unintended consequences
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