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Karana (x3 XP, Mercs, Speed)
 Worldserver Name: Karana (x3 XP, Bots, Speed)
 Server Version: [U]
 Server Status: UP
 Players Online: 0
 Average Players: 3
 Max Players: 21
 Registered Name: Karana (x3 XP, Mercs, Speed)
 Server Type: Custom
 Class: Standard
 Server Owner: THCue
 Website: http://kushgames.org

  • Always Updated and running the newest Binaries @ Change Log

  • 3x Xp, Bonus Group/Raid/AA Xp. Run speed to SOW at the start.

  • Max level 85 Recently Raised! Skills and Spells auto maxed and scaled to dominate.

  • Running on 64-Bit not 32-Bit.

  • Epic 1.0, 1.5, 2.0, 2.5 all dropped. Epic 3.0 Quest Line.

  • #peqzone and #findzone enabled for fast travel.

  • Custom npcs; buff bots, porter bot, reagent merchant.

  • NPC turn-in for LDON cards for XP/AA rewards.

  • ^bots and mercs enabled. You can roll with up to 20 bots + a Merc

  • Custom Zones (Names and Lore) with quests yet, every zone available! Note: We're scaling open zones as quickly as possible.

  • Custom Expedition Trials/Missions.

  • Random 3% chance an NPC in any zone will have random loot. Don't feel like your missing out doing old world stuff etc. The NPC will shout when it spawns that it has something tasty; happy hunting.

  • All Pets added from 70-80, All pet Duel Wield and have increased stats relative to their levels.

  • Is this a boxing server? Short answer is no, long answer is we don't have it limited, yet. We figure with 2box you can have 2 players, 2 mercs, 40bots... is that not enough?

  • Core mechanics like Crit / Bow Damage / Dire Charm are increased in %dmg, %change and/or effective level increased.

    Server Address: kushgames.org (With 24/7 Discord Support)
    Server Location: San Francisco, CA

    Our server is running on Dual Intel Xeon X5650 with a 12/24 total processor cores and 48 gigabytes of RAM Two 500GB EVO SSDs Raid0 Windows server 2012 r2.
    The Network is on a Blazing 1000MB/s Connection on Fiber Up and down.

    Backups everyday at 0300 -8 GMT

    Speed Results

    Spell File Link Below

    Download HERE and save Into your EQ client directory. This simply adds pets to the default spells_us.txt file.

    Any questions or commits please contact me. You can contact me via Discord username is JakeSpeed#9111.

    Discord: HERE or Goto KushGames

    Please report all bugs you find to our discord, so that we can fix them as soon as possible. Thank you!
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