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Ashen Vendetta Server - Casual, Bots, Level 60
 Worldserver Name: Ashen Vendetta
 Server Version: [U]
 Server Status: UP
 Players Online: 0
 Average Players: 3
 Max Players: 13
 Registered Name: Ashen Vendetta Server - Casual, Bots, Level 60
 Server Type: Custom
 Class: Standard
 Server Owner: irongut_av
 Website: http://ashenvendetta.servegame.com:8880/avc/
 Description: The Ashen Vendetta* server is for casual players that like to raid and hate the grind. It's a server that will give nostalgia feels without a big time commitment. Players can make it from a fresh level 1, to end game content (currently in Velious) in a week or two - thanks to accelerated leveling and bots.

Before playing, please visit:
Play Guide
  • RoF2 client is supported, others are not supported.
  • 3 connections per IP
  • All level 1 characters enter the world with a starter set of gear.
  • Zones up to Luclin are open. Planes of Power (including level increase to 65) has no ETA but will eventually be added.
  • No content other than custom will be added past PoP, with certain exceptions if they add quality of life improvements for players.
  • Levelcap is 60, leveling is faster than default. Auto-Scribe and Auto-Skill occur at each level-up.
  • Most AAs are available. The buff limit AAs are available immediately to allow bots to fully buff characters.
  • Bots are available after level 5. Spawn limit is 11 per account.
  • The item "Lore" flag does not exist on this server, but no-trade and attunable items still exist.
  • NoDrop items can be traded using the "#ndtrade" command, which will incur a platinum fee based on item stats. Use #ndprice" command to get the cost of any no-drop item before trading it.
  • Epic 1.0 have an alternate quest available: component items have a chance drop from most raid mobs across all zones, depending on the difficulty of the raid target. This can be used to equip bots with Epic 1.0 weapons.
  • NPCs in Plane of Knowledge sell most basic gear for players and bots to get started (PoK port stones still work for free!)
  • There are NPCs in PoK that will port to select dungeons, and hard to reach zones, for a platinum fee based on level.
  • There are NPCs in PoK that players can turn no-trade items in for either platinum or AA experience, depending on the value of the item.
  • Some old world zones use the old zone files, with older pre-revamp spawns (see the server's play guide link on the server's homepage.
  • Several new named mobs across many zones. Many named spawn at a higher rate by % compared with default.
  • There are many new items, and many of the old items have been improved.
  • Many keyed zones are easier to get into (Veeshan's peak key drops from Takanon), or the keys themselves are no longer needed (Howling Stones, Vex Thal).
  • Most raid mobs have shorter than default respawn times.
  • Defiant items/armor does not drop. Also, fabled mobs do not spawn.
  • Warping, training and exploiting will get a warning and then a ban if it continues. We expect people to just play and have a good time as long as they aren't bothering anyone, they'll also be left alone.

If this server owner has to discontinue, the custom code, db and supporting sites will be made available to another longtime player for hosting.

*Ashen Vendetta was a high level raid guild on the Innoruuk Server that dominated from Kunark through Planes of Power. This server was created by a few of the founding members of that guild that played from release in 1999 until around 2004.

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