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Ashen Vendetta Server - Casual, Bots, Level 60
 Worldserver Name: Ashen Vendetta
 Server Version: [U]
 Server Status: Down (Last Seen: 12/29/19 10:30 PM EST)
 Average Players: 3
 Max Players: 13
 Registered Name: Ashen Vendetta Server - Casual, Bots, Level 60
 Server Type: Custom
 Class: Standard
 Server Owner: irongut_av
 Website: http://dougaldragon.serverbox.org/EQEmuAllakhazamClone/
 Description: The Ashen Vendetta* server is for casual players that like to raid and hate the grind. It's a server that will give nostalgia feels without a big time commitment. Players can make it from a fresh level 1, to end game content (currently in Velious) in a week or two - thanks to accelerated leveling and bots.

Before playing, please visit:
Play Guide
  • RoF2 client is supported, others are not supported.
  • 3 connections per IP
  • All level 1 characters enter the world with a starter set of gear.
  • Zones up to Luclin are open. Planes of Power (including level increase to 65) has no ETA but will eventually be added.
  • No content other than custom will be added past PoP, with certain exceptions if they add quality of life improvements for players.
  • Levelcap is 60, leveling is faster than default. Auto-Scribe and Auto-Skill occur at each level-up.
  • Most AAs are available. The buff limit AAs are available immediately to allow bots to fully buff characters.
  • Bots are available after level 5. Spawn limit is 11 per account.
  • The item "Lore" flag does not exist on this server, but no-trade and attunable items still exist.
  • Epic 1.0 have an alternate quest available: component items have a chance drop from most raid mobs across all zones, depending on the difficulty of the raid target. This can be used to equip bots with Epic 1.0 weapons.
  • NPCs in Plane of Knowledge sell most basic gear for players and bots to get started.
  • There are NPCs in PoK that will port to select dungeons, and hard to reach zones, for a platinum fee based on level (PoK port stones still work for free!).
  • There are NPCs in PoK that players can turn no-trade items in for either platinum or AA experience, depending on the value of the item.
  • Some old world zones use the old zone files, with older pre-revamp spawns (see the server's play guide link on the server's homepage).
  • Several new named mobs across many zones. Many named spawn at a higher rate by % compared with default.
  • There are many new items, and many of the old items have been improved.
  • Many keyed zones are easier to get into (Veeshan's peak key drops from Takanon), or the keys themselves are no longer needed (Howling Stones, Vex Thal).
  • Most raid mobs have shorter than default respawn times.
  • Defiant items/armor does not drop.
  • Fabled mobs do not spawn.
  • Item augments do not drop. Augmentation slots have been removed from all items.
  • We expect people to chill, play and have a good time. You can be social, or just play solo - it's up to you! Warping, training and exploiting will get a warning and then a ban if it continues.

If this server owner has to discontinue, the custom code, db and supporting sites will be made available to another longtime player for hosting.

*Ashen Vendetta was a high level raid guild on the Innoruuk Server that dominated from Kunark through Planes of Power. This server was created by a few of the founding members of that guild that played from release in 1999 until around 2004.

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