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Scorpious2k: The Next Generation [Custom]
 Worldserver Name: Scorpious2k: The Next Generation [custom]
 Server Version: [U]
 Server Status: Down (Last Seen: 05/30/20 02:35 AM EST)
 Average Players: 4
 Max Players: 22
 Registered Name: Scorpious2k: The Next Generation [Custom]
 Server Type: Legit, Custom
 Class: Preferred
 Server Owner: Scorpious2k
 Website: http://scorpious2k.tk

Originally created May 2003, this is a reboot of the server you loved long ago. Custom-legit with many custom items and about 200 zones, 20 of which are custom built from scratch! They are not part of the Everquest package and are unique to our world.

  • Visit the Homeland islands
  • fight skeletons on Skull Island
  • explore the abandoned Homeland Mine filled with strange beings
  • see the forgotten temple and the priests that won't leave
  • don't miss the magnificence of Copper City (which replaces both bazaar and poknowledge).

Want more?

  • The Land of the Windcatcher, a magical place filled with fairytale characters.
  • Juno, based upon the terrain of southeast Alaska.
  • Mars, based on actual martian terrain and a lot of imagination.
  • Donator zones, a nice spa - just don't wander away and never go into the volcano
  • And don't miss Manhattan, based on the terrain of Manhattan Island, but is a city turned to stone and lying in ruins thanks to an evil goddess in hiding at the top of the old lighthouse.
  • Max level 130 with guildmasters/trainers that work all the way to that level
  • Multi-boxing allowed
  • Magic grows with the player's level
  • Travel tickets you can buy to get you where you need to be without the long walk

This is a server still in transition. There has been a lot of work getting it working from its original seven year old source and DB. It isn't done yet, but it is stable and ready to be tested as we move through the upgrades. Your input will be very much appreciated.

Won't you join us on this adventure and be among the first to return to this true server legend?

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