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Everlasting Life
 Worldserver Name: Everlasting LIfe (in process of resurrection)
 Server Version: [U]
 Server Status: Down (Last Seen: 02/09/22 01:43 AM EST)
 Average Players: 4
 Max Players: 22
 Registered Name: Everlasting Life
 Server Type: Legit, Custom, PvE
 Class: Standard
 Server Owner: Moehang
 Website: Not Available
 Description: Make Everquest great again- Everlasting Life server is a solo or 2box group (but not limited to 2 clients) server in where the player is empowered for raiding high raid zones. The concept is to empower the player and not weaken the bosses. You will need bots, amount of bots needed varies on the zone (41 box max). Most of the content is legit -peq database compliant but with ever increasing new custom content. For example, Thurgadin quest gear is modified (to make it worth doing again), however, with increased Kael armor drops, global armor drops, quest gems purchasable, and hand quest NPCs in a well equipped PoK Hub makes doing the quest very doable. LDoN adventures are worth doing again due high-end items, modified and custom items. Zones up to Luclin are all open, custom flags for PoP, GoD, OoW, and few zones beyond OoW (currently still in development). Instance NPCs are set in most raid zones for the convenience of the players. Character Max level is 80 however some zones have level restrictions. Fairly active GM, especially during fall, winter and spring seasons. Come on in and give it a try.

Other features and server information:

1. Peqzone enabled.
2. MQ2 welcome (warp is allowed).
3. AFK bot killing allowed.
3. Bot Reductionizer item.
4. Gate item.
5. Complete heal item.
6. Divine Aura item.
7. EXP potion.
8. Mana and HP regen potion.
9. Tradeskill Raw Materials provided on Merchants.
10. Epic 1.5 mob droppable and custom epic 2.0 quest.

And much much more!

Discord Server: Everlasting Life EQ : https://discord.gg/RKja3ZgmKc
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