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Bastion Everquest Server
 Worldserver Name: Bastion EverQuest Server
 Server Version: [U]
 Server Status: UP
 Players Online: 8
 Average Players: 8
 Max Players: 12
 Registered Name: Bastion Everquest Server
 Server Type: Legit, PvE
 Class: Standard
 Server Owner: Bastion-Server
 Website: http://bastion.ath.cx
 Description: Bastion Everquest Server is now in ALPHA. We are currently running over 150 static zones and will be adding more soon. Bastion runs on actual server hardware, not a home PC. Currently the server is anything goes. Bots are enabled, MQ2 is also usable. The content is basic PEQ with things being added as we can. This is a labor of love at the moment, as time becomes available. The client is ROF2. If you have any problems PM me at Bastion-Server this site, or talk to the GM (Nameless) who is usually in the guild lobby. If he isn't AFK he will do what he can to resolve the issue.

  • If you want buffs, Hail Erollisi Marr in the Guild Lobby. More buffs will be added at a later date. For now it is limited to a Mind, AC, or Speed buff.

  • Current Expansion is set to Omens. Will add expansions as we work out bugs.
  • commons zone connections are broken at this time.
  • Mercs are almost ready for game play, just a few more things to work out. Give them a try if you want, there is a purchase price, but no upkeep fees at this time.
  • Working on making boats available. This is coming along very slowly.

  • Right now Mondays will be down time for Dev fixes etc. Sometimes the down time will extend into Tuesday if xtra TLC is needed.
  • Nothing required to download for client fixes at this time.
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