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HurbQuest - On Hiatus - Thank you
 Worldserver Name: HurbQuest.freeforums.net #peqzone *FREE GM ITEMS*
 Server Version: [U]
 Server Status: Down (Last Seen: 03/28/22 07:00 AM EST)
 Average Players: 1
 Max Players: 8
 Registered Name: HurbQuest - On Hiatus - Thank you
 Server Type: PvE
 Class: Standard
 Server Owner: Hurb
 Website: http://hurbquest.blogspot.com
 Description: HurbQuest .. server for Hurbquest.blogspot.com .. forums at HurbQuest.FreeForums.net
Currently (April 2022) on a break from hosting!!
USE HURBQUEST to EXPLORE the EverQuest Classic+ world! See the places and monsters you never saw!

-- No limit on Boxing or clients.
- #peqzone [zonename] command
- Simple Armor available in Plane of Knowledge (Invulnerability, Run Speed, Levitate, Health/Resists, Bind/Gate)
- Game of Thrones inspired server mod Antonica=Westeros Kunark=Essos Odus=Valyria Velious=Lands of Always Winter
- Cities correspond to eerily similar book maps~ (Qeynos=Lannisport Surefall=Winterfell Halas=Castle Black of The Night's Watch Freeport=King's Landing Rivervale/Highkeep=Riverrun Erudin=Orus Firiona Vie=Braavos Overthere=Volantis/Slaver's Bay Cabilis=Qarth Ro/Oasis of Marr = Dorne Karanas=The Reach
- Gloomingdeep is populated with Game of Thrones characters.
Use /petition or forums to request any items/levels/money/summons
Have fun!

All expansions enabled, so explore everything you can... and maybe with a friend!
-- No custom files/spells; original Titanium client + RoF2 work, level 70 MAX

brought to you by ...
{Flowers of Happiness}
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