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Born of Quellious (Custom/Semi-Legit/Bots/Solo-friendly/RP)
 Worldserver Name: Born of Quellious (Custom/Bots/RP)
 Server Version: [U]
 Server Status: UP
 Players Online: 9
 Average Players: 6
 Max Players: 19
 Registered Name: Born of Quellious (Custom/Semi-Legit/Bots/Solo-friendly/RP)
 Server Type: Non-Legit, Custom
 Class: Standard
 Server Owner: Gazebeaux
 Website: Not Available
 Description: https://discord.gg/rsY6NHWyp7

Born of Quellious is a custom, semi-legit EQEmu server with quality-of-life and RP-oriented added content. The main goal of the server is to provide a uniquely fun Everquest experience that expands on the best elements of both classic EQ and live while catering to multiple different playstyles. The server currently features:

  • All Defiant gear drop rates now at a much higher rate so that you can gear yourself and your bots much quicker. All Defiant armor is also for sale in PoK for very reasonable prices

  • Start with clicky boots with 1 hour movement speed buff

  • Increased, but not too high XP

  • Bots will now level/delevel with you automatically. They will also never run out of mana.

  • Removed norent (aka temporary), nodrop, and notransfer tags from all items

  • Bazaar has new merchants with lots of unique items. Plus tradeskill merchants in every city with rare ingredients

  • Added auto-scribe and auto-skill on level

  • Invigoratus in PoK offers free and paid buffs as well as group buffs

  • Added Oggy to the bazaar. He can make augments out of gear you give to him for a price

  • Mystical Attuning and Mnemonic Retention AA's at lvl 1

  • Added cheap mounts at the original mount vendors

  • Raids are scaled down to be doable with a full bot team (6)

  • Access to these commands (learn what they do here: https://docs.eqemu.io/server/operation/in-game-command-reference/) has been granted to all players:

  • heromodel, gearup, appearance, undye, texture, title, endurance, findzone, peqzone, dye
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