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Kucerakov005 12-02-2020 01:35 AM

Alt Currency Merchant Not Working
I'm pretty sure I've read every thread out there on this and I still can't get mine to work so wondering if something has changed since the details described from 4-5 years ago.

First, is there a specific client this will/won't work with? I'm using titanium and I saw an 'alt currency tab' described that I can't find.

Second, I've done all of the setup described minus editing anything in the dbstr_us.txt file since that doesn't seem necessary to simply get the merchant to show me the window. I have the alt currency in the `alternate_currency` table as row 31. For testing I'm using item 10032 (star ruby). I then created an npc of class 70 - Alt Currency merchant and assigned them a merchant ID. In the `npc_types` table I have their alt_currency as 31. In the `merchantlist` table, I have a couple items with a non-zero value listed for alt_currency_cost.

When I right click the npc in game, it cons them. no window pops up.

For now, I can use the LDON merchant strategy with Radiant Crystals, but this was bugging me so thought I would ask.

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