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Rogean 11-18-2023 07:26 AM

EQEmulator Migration
EQEmulator has been migrated to a new webserver running updated versions of software. If you can see this post, you are visiting the new server. Issues with emails should now be resolved.

If you had previously registered an account and did not receive an activation email, you can re-request it here: https://www.eqemulator.org/forums/re...o=requestemail

Palon 11-30-2023 06:32 PM

This link is not working.

Kingly_Krab 11-30-2023 06:35 PM

Try this link.

Palon 11-30-2023 06:44 PM

Still nothing from this link

Palon 11-30-2023 06:46 PM

I have checked my email, and junk email and nothing is arriving. This is fustrating as I can not reset my passwords for any of my game accounts and wanted to play with a friend tonight.

Palon 12-01-2023 05:03 PM

Day 2 - SMS Verification Email still not being sent out. This is an issue as it is required to reset passwords for accounts. I do not want to have to lose all my progress and restart leveling my characters for my chosen server. Hopefully the big head honcho dude see's this and is able to resolve the problem.

Covaxx88 12-19-2023 11:25 PM

Set up sms to recover my server log ins. Many hours later no sms message for code. Are there any fixes for this?


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