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Thanks for the pointers! No luck so far, but at least I've got some fresh ideas to try.

Originally Posted by hayward6 View Post
I will ask, why use Slackware at all? It's soundly tested in both Ubuntu and Debian. No reason to reinvent the wheel since they're all freely distributed operating systems.
In short, because it's what I have installed & is a remote headless server. I have no idea why I originally picked Slackware (just a glutton for punishment I guess!), but I originally started toying with Linux & Slackware about 20 years ago by putting together a server. I've continued to simply migrate the vast majority of it with each hardware failure across 2-3 machines ever since. I could just add another virtual machine to it & run Ubuntu from inside that in order to compile + run EQEmu, but I always wind up learning a lot more by taking the difficult route with Linux.

Originally Posted by image View Post
Its been a while since ive compiled eqemu, however it is saying you need the crypt module for perl

make sure you have libssl-dev and openssl-devel

also identify any perl-Crypt packages (libcrypt?)

To the best of my knowledge, Slackware doesn't differentiate between just installing a package & installing all the devel/headers etc. I believe if something is installed, it throws the whole lot in. I definitely have openSSL installed as I control the box via SSH. It also has an https capable apache server running, among other things which rely on SSL.

I was hopeful with the various perl crypt modules (after 60+ minutes of cpan installing an awful lot of them), but the error seems to remain the same unfortunately. I also installed the package provided in your link, just for good measure.

I did run a small script to test the crypt function in perl (both before and after adding a stack of modules), and it seemed to function without any issue.

Originally Posted by demonstar55 View Post
Looks like you built perl yourself, something most likely went wrong there is my guess
Is that because Perl is located in /usr/local? Slackware does that with the stock version as far as I'm aware. I vaguely remember reading an explanation as to why & the reasoning for it, but couldn't provide a link as I came across it while troubleshooting one of the various other issues I encountered in attempting to compile EQEmu. I may be a bit confused/mixing up issues there though, so that might not be entirely accurate.

I'm fairly certain I'm just running the stock Perl for 14.2, upgraded via slackpkg+, although I do remember messing with compiling Perl myself (and having it fail to do so) before simply using slackpkg+. I'll definitely have to look into confirming that however.

-edit: Scratch that. Turns out I somehow managed to get the latest version of perl compiling & then proceeded to install it, give it priority over the still-installed system default, and additionally mess up a bunch of pathing on the user account being used to compile the emulator! I've removed that version, restored the system default, removed the inadvertent .bashrc modifications and learnt a bit more about the history of /usr/local!

It now builds flawlessly. Thanks again.

In the incredibly unlikely circumstance that somebody else comes looking for help with building on Slackware, the only part I can remember that had me stumped for a while (other than the Perl issue thanks to my own idiocy!) is a modification which you may need on the CMakeLists.txt file. You'll probably need to add in the following code, I think it was to do with the newer version of cmake & possibly boost. You'll know the problem when you see it anyway.

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