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Old 11-18-2023, 04:05 PM
Fire Beetle
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Default EverQuest Classic Texture Mod - Innothule + Grobb

Hail ,
Explore the fetid swamps and city of Troll kin altered and upscaled .

EverQuest Classic Texture Mod : Innothule + Grobb

install : backup then replace zone .s3d files in EverQuest folder ( p99 and quarm tested )

notable changes : water stilled , meat removed
writing altered to Trollish from TrollHunters by Guillermo del Toro

images in everquest client :

major thanks to everquest community creating tools and content !
Shendare - EQZip - https://github.com/Shendare/EQZip
Zaela - WLD Suite - https://github.com/Zaela
EQemu - Wiki + Tools http://www.eqemulator.org/
Xackery - Quail - https://github.com/xackery/quail

  • exported textures from zones .s3d files using EQZIp
  • exported mesh as obj using S3D Zone Exporter ( includes instanced objects (some differences) )
  • imported textures into .s3d files using EQZIp
153 textures synthesized , 49 removed , 25 hidden
  • upscale ( swinir )
  • paintover + photo collage + filterforge
  • stable diffusion ( controlnet + asymmetric tiling )
  • adobe generative fill ( inpainting fixes )
Texture Format
using texconv in python to convert the PSD to DDS , then renamed to BMP to match the existing files ( importing without auto dds conversion as DXT1 , for mipmap support , and flipping vertically )
textures with opacity saved to tga , then imported into EQZIP with the option to convert imports to DDS in the preferences set to 16bit .

a number of objects have been hidden by changing their material to transparent and texture set to zero opacity .
using the WLD Suite Transparentifier
hidden objects : meat , butcherblock rock , chain hook , metal spheres , throne grunge

Open Questions :
a number of textures seem to be loaded from elsewhere not found in innothule or grobb archives , does anyone know where these are located ?
grobb : crate front face
grobb : tradeskill objects ( furnace , loom , spinning wheel ) ( not tradeskill.s3d )
innothule : ladder and rungs
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Old 11-19-2023, 09:08 PM
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Shin Noir
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This looks really good! Thanks for breaking down the process.

Are you planning to do the same treatment to other zones?
Are you on discord? in #project-quail we're doing a number of client side mod tools, we can look at streamlining the process. I know @Tacc has had some effort similarly.

~Shin Noir
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