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Old 12-19-2023, 02:28 PM
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Default EQBotEquipment

Download the release from github and extract
Edit Data.xml and update the <Database> record with your details
If you have .bot files from EQItems, put them in a 'profiles' folder next to the .exe
Run EQBotEquipment.exe

I felt like creating a relatively easy way of equipping a bot without the hassle of searching for items and all that crap.

EQItems was always my go to tool for this - but it seems like bots have been updated and it no longer works.

I was too lazy to see if any other tools exist to do this - so I fired up Visual Studio and ChatGPT and came up with EQBotEquipment.

It's just a console application, so nothing fancy.

Check out the source here if you want

If you compile, you'll need the MySQL.Data package by Oracle from NuGet.

  • Equip a bot with an inventory profile generated from EQItems (or the pre-packaged ones I had lying around)
  • Import your existing .bot files by placing them in the 'profiles' folder
  • Before committing to the database, the account, character and bot are displayed along with a map of slot name -> item name for confirmation
  • Bot inventory is cleared before updating
  • Inventory profiles selectable are filtered by bot class
  • Importing of .bot files tries to detect the class based on .bot filename (Warrior_uber.bot, War_low_lvl, Tank_mid_level will all map to Warrior class)
  • Variations of classes in filenames is supported via the Alt parameter in Classes xml. (See Warrior or Magician entries for example.)
  • Duplicate class and item lists are ignored
  • Account, Character, Bot, and Profile selection menus are paginated to support long lists and avoid scrolling.

Hope it helps!

Note: Backup your db first - I did test this as best I could with a small number of accounts / characters / bots, howerver I'm not liable for borking a server if I missed a bug!
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Old 01-01-2024, 08:12 PM
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Happy New Year y'all!

I'm curious - has anyone tried this? Is it useful or did I waste time reinventing the wheel?
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