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Old 05-22-2024, 05:28 PM
Fire Beetle
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Default A Dreamer Classic Everquest PVP Arcade

Hello the vision of my server is a perfect mechanically replicated Classic PVP server, without the grind. I love EQ character progression and have played countless hours and agree it's part of the EQ magic. That being said, I want to make a more balanced, easy entry, everyone roughly at the same level, fun PVP server which I think if people give a chance will find it fun. That being said let me explain a bit about the set up.

- Instant 50.
- Full Classic Spellbook. Nukes/Dots/Heals have been reverted to Classic values.
- Working Resist similar to Classic.
- Yellow Text.
- Starting gear which includes world quest armor. Totemic/Crafted/Ivy/Ro etc.
- Max skills appropriate for your class and level.
- No reagants for Symbols/Hate/Sky ports/Necro/Mage pets/Levitate
- Pumice is free

The reason ultimately is that there are lots of PVE progression servers. This is hyper focused on end game Classic PVP. I want the 40 vs 40 guild fights over Nagafen. Why? No reason other than Nostalgia.

We are working on a PVP Leaderboard. Also we would like to do scenarios for PVP events such as. Arena. Capture the Flag. If this sounds fun and you want to join our discord.


About myself. I am Gaanon. Played on TZ live PVP. Was there when PDM was formed, joined felt bad and left for my darky guild. Played Devnoob/Images boxes Kings and bandits guildwars. Played Red99 was the first 50 Rogue, won the Qeynos hills PVP event. Played in Nihilum. Also recently have raided end-game Velious with Pumice on Red99.

I love Everquest for lots of reasons, I understand if this box isn't for you. But I truly feel there hasn't been a real proper EQEMU PVP box with proper mechanics yet that has really captured the fun of Guild Vs Guild PVP. There are currently no viable options either. So I guess it's up to us. Is Your Body Ready.

Also follow EQEMU getting started, login server etc. My server is in the Standard EQEMU Server section. Fresh ROF or Titanium work, I prefer ROF for maps/guild functions.

Thanks for reading.
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Old 06-14-2024, 03:47 PM
Fire Beetle
Join Date: Sep 2023
Posts: 3

When you start level 1 you start with a set of Starting Items. These items are No Drop/Required 50. Find an Ogre in each Starting City named Options and hail him. He has a link that will level your character to 50, click again to max skills to 50. We had this automatically done before but I want to add in some other Mini games such as Blackburrow once your character is boosted it's hard to revert skills etc/make the script work, so we put it on an NPC. In East Commons in the tunnel there is an instant Corpse Summoner. First Bury your corpse, then Summon it. If it's already burried(expired) just summon it. What else to say. PVP is balanced fairly good in my opinion I will wait for further information before making changes. Melee dmg has been upped hit rate, dmg slightly. In PVE melee dmg is significantly higher. I'd say 2x. We have a working Leaderboard and Yellow text system. Legacy Items are in but rare. All spells nukes/heal values have been reverted to Classic. You start with a full Spellbook, which has had all non-classic spells removed. Hate and Fear are 2.0 so 1.0 inny/ct loots are on golems/minis. Meaning weapons/aons are on golems, likewise sunderfury etc are on hate minis. The goal is to have no barrier to entry for 50 PVP, we have all done the grind before no grinding required here. Pumice/bags are free. Spells require no Reagants, Symbols/Levitate/Hate ports/Enduring Breath etc. I think that is mostly it. Adjusted hit box and tested, adjusted client update range to make it smoother following. Classic Spell Icons in the spell books in ROF2 client (that's a big one) All Classic zones including Highpass in ROF2 (that's a hard one). Classic Necro skeletons and Classic Wolves with functioning animations. Red necro skeleton pet etc at 50. Ok OK I think that's it. Countless hours producing the best Classic PVP experience of all the Emulators. Rot is Kunark, Red is Velious, why not play some No Grind Classic PVP? What have you got to Lose. Sunday Nights 8PM EST.

- Leaderboard is up and running now. Just wanted to provide an update on what we have been working on. Need more people.

We have Renamed our Server to Sunday Night EQ PVP CLUB. We are trying to get people involved 1 day a week for some Classic EQ PvP. With starting gear and spell book, and max skills, free pumice and bags, log on 5 minutes you're ready to go in PVP.

Sunday Nights 8pm EST. I honestly whole heartedly feel like people haven't experienced the fun of EQ PvP because most of the boxes have been about PVE/and griefing, and not really about fun group vs group EQ PVP, I am hoping to add Tallon Zek teams in the future to allow for casuals to load in and be able to join a side. I personally hate FFA but all the work my friend has done coding for this I can't bug him anymore, eventually we'll add Teams.

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