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Old 03-15-2023, 11:53 PM
Hill Giant
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Default Nexus Not Teleporting - Akka Install

Has anyone else run into the issue with the portal pads in the nexus NOT TELEPORTING people standing on the pads? When the ports activate, you get a RED message:

Your spell did not take hold.

From the various ports TO the nexus like from Greater Faydark and North Karana DO work normally to teleport you to the Nexus. The ports from the nexus back do not seem to work. This has been very thoroughly tested and confirmed by several players on the server.

Nexus ports from the nexus back to places like Kunark, Velious, Odus, etc. do not work reliably. Need to know if anything was changed and how to fix this...

Followup Info: I looked in the spells_new table and the IDs of the spells are 2706 (Fay), 2707 (Odus), 2708 (Antonnica) and 2709 (Kunark). When using the GM command:
#cast 2709

You are not ported. Some text is shown, and what looks like bubbles show up and dissipate, but no porting occur.

I have temporarily worked around this by replacing the selfcast command that does the porting in the player.pl script (in nexus quests folder) with a selfcast of the wizard gate spell. That isn't precisely accurate for Velious, but close enough.

This perl code in the player.pl script is pretty complicated and the spells in the spells_new are pretty complex, at least the second have of the fields are... This is about the limit of my knowledge.

Thank you,
Riklin (Halls Havoc Server)
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