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Old 03-17-2021, 09:34 PM
Fire Beetle
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Default Bot Hold/Supsend/Release

Hey all, I'm having a hard time understanding the functionality of these.

I was attempting to set up a "camp" where the bots Guard an area and I could hold their AI until I got back to avoid them coming to the monster once I got aggro. However, when I use either the Hold or Suspend command, Release doesn't appear to restart their AI. My tank bot just kinda stood there and let a frog beat the hell out of him for about 5 minutes.

Am i using this correctly? Or is there a better way to do what I want to accomplish?
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Old 03-20-2021, 09:42 PM
Fire Beetle
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Location: Australia
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Dunno bots well but the folk here will ask ya have you read and absorbed

For best answers try adding details like
What exact commands are you trying, etc etc
A quick look showed this
^release - Releases a suspended bot's AI processing (with hate list wipe) maybe need to re-attack as well.
Stances may also add your wanted functionality. Tried them?

And the actionable bot arguments section.

Discord is the best spot for specific and swift responses. This is mentioned for bots.

Just a guess based on other posts here.
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Old 03-23-2021, 04:40 PM
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I'm not 100% sure how all the difference bot commands work or what they're supposed to do, but when I use the guard command, my bots don't really "guard" anything, they just stand there. In order to get them to kill stuff, I have to cancel the guard command by telling them to follow me again, which wakes them all up.

So I have 4 main hotkeys that I use while "raiding" with my army of bots:
^summon spawned (doesn't work while guarding)
^guard spawned
^atk spawned
And the 4th hotkey is follow, which has 3 lines:
/tar (myself)
/pause 1
^follow spawned

Basically if I want to pull mobs to camp without my army following me, I'll summon all my bots to the "camp" then have them guard. After aggro'ing the mob I want, I'll pull it back to camp and once the mob is close enough I'll click my follow button, then my attack button (on my server, bots won't attack unless auto attack is on, so I do need to re-click the mob, and turn on attack). Once my army rushes the mob, I will use my summon button to strategically position and re-position my army to make sure they don't push the target where I don't want it to be.
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