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Old 09-26-2023, 06:20 AM
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Wink EQ Might

EQ Might


EQ Might is a level-based progression server. For new players, there is a level cap of 52. New levels, up to 68, can be unlocked by defeating 2-3 defined targets of the current Tier. There is a group- and a solo progression path. For example, the group progression Tier 1 targets are Lady Vox and Lord Nagafen, the solo progression targets are GrimClaw and Allizewsaur.

Currently, the following Tiers are available:

Tier 1: Classic (unlocks level 55)
Tier 2: Classic Planes (unlocks level 59)
Tier 3: Kunark (unlocks level 60)
Tier 4: Velious
Tier 5: Luclin (unlocks level 62)
Tier 6: Dragons & Idols (VP 2.0 and AoW) (unlocks level 65)
Tier 7: Planes of Power, Fabled Classic/Kunark (unlocks level 66)
Tier 8: Gates of Discord, Custom LDoN (unlocks level 67)
Tier 9: Custom LDoN, DoN, Fabled Velious/Luclin (unlocks level 68 )
Tier 10: Custom, Fabled PoP

All progression targets are instanced.
The solo progression path from Tier 3 onwards allows for 2 players in the instance. Solo progression is implemented up to and including Tier 6. After that, there is only the group progression path.

The group progression path is intended for parties of size 6 or more. However, it is perfectly possibly to 4, 3 or even 2-box much of the content thanks to the Aura of Might.

EQ Might Specifics

The Aura of Might is a buff that comes in 9 ranks. Players receive this buff when entering an instance with a small party size and total Might that is lower than the instances is intended for.

EQ Might introduces the Concept of Might. The Might of a character is defined by their level. It ranges from 1 (level 45-52), 2 (level 53), 3 ... to 10 (level 60) and so on. Each progression instance is tied to a suggested Might, that is the total Might of the party. The instance for Lady Vox for example has a suggested Might of 6, which equals to six characters of level 52 or three level 53 or one level 57. If the party meets the suggested Might, there will be bonus loot in the form treasure chests which may contain Legendary Items (improved versions of regular items, with an extra augmentation slot) Tokens of Might and other rewards.
If the party's Might is below the suggested Might, it receives additional loot at the end. On the other hand, if the party's Might is above the suggested Might, there will be no legendary items and less or no bonus loot at the end. A party can only enter the instance if its Might is not more than four times the suggested Might. The whole idea behind the concept of Might is to untrivialized content.

Players receive the Charm of Might at level 1. With each Tier completed, the charm can be upgraded. Upgraded charms have better stats and additional augmentation slots. There are about 80 different augmentations available for this charm which can be found on monsters, in chests or bought for Tokens of Might.

EQ Might features four custom currencies, which can be used to buy items in Plane of Knowledge. Tokens of Epic Might for example, are used to buy your Epic 1.0 and a custom augmentation to upgrade it further. All Epic and all legendary weapons have an extra augmentation slot, for which there are about 95 different augmentations available, which can be found or bought.

There are various custom zones, including: Fabled Nagafen's Lair, Fabled Karnor's Castle, The Spider Den, Fabled Umbral Plains, Bloodied Quarries, Chambers of Eternal Afflication, Fabled Bastion of Thunder. Some of them are Anguish difficulty and beyond.

EQ Might features about 100 custom fabled NPCs with custom loot that is in line with regular fabled items. Many existing fabled NPCs have their loot table enhanced. As an example, the Fabled Venril Sathir can drop 12 different items.
There are also hunderts of Legendary items that drop from treasure chests.

General Features

Raid Content of Tier 1 to 6 is partially tuned down, so it can be defeated by a single group in progression gear. With few exceptions, boss fights should last around 5 minutes. Content of Tier 7 and up is only rarely tuned. The out-of-era AAs, Charm of Might, Legendary Items and Aura of Might allow groups to tackle targets that were originally designed for an entire raid.

General NPC adjustments: Many NPCs have lower resists to fire, ice and poison. They rarely cast annoying spells, such as gate, snare or fear. Most named have at least a 50% chance to be up and respawn faster.

Hub in Plane of Knowledge, with Teleports to various zones, vendors and other services such as race change, trading no-drop Tokens and certain items between characters with the same IP.

Shortcuts in the PoP and GoD progression. (E.g. most of the PoP-Tier 1 and 2 targets are not required for progression; Plane of Earth A requries no flag to enter. For details see https://www.eqmight.com/progression-...lanes-of-power)

AA: All OoW AAs are available at level 66 at increased costs. About another 1000 out of era AAs are available at level 67 and 68 each. Additionally, some AAs have their required level adjusted for class balancing and QoL. Veteran AAs are disabled.

Increased XP gain in groups and raids. Auto-scribe and skill-up up to level 44. No XP loss on death, no corpse runs. Feature to sacrifice a player’s level for Tokens of Might / AAs / auto-scribe beyond 45. Increased caps for shielding, mana regeneration, and other stats.

Standard MacroQuest/E3 is allowed, no AFK playing or warping.

IP limit: 10 + 2 backup.

Extensive Website, with guides and a boss-cheat-sheet featuring currently 450 regular and custom bosses and their abilites and difficulty. https://www.eqmight.com/boss-cheat-sheet

For more features of the servers see https://www.eqmight.com/home/features

Target Audience

The EQ Might community is a mix of very established EQ players and some who only just started playing on an EQEmu server.
EQ Might is close to legit. It has various quality of life enhancements but keeps all the things we love about EQ alive.
Thanks to the Aura of Might, it can be played with any group size, but it is designed for players who box or parties of around 6. For Tier 7 and beyond it is recommended to have a party size of 9 or more.
Solo/2-box players have six Tiers of solo/duo content. They will also be able to tackle a good amount of group progression targets, after they unlocked levels by completing some solo content beforehand.

Content gets harder with each tier. Over the past 15 months, about 700 characters have reached level 60, but only six groups have reached 67 or even 68.

Website: https://www.eqmight.com/
(includes Discord invite on the homepage)
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Old 09-26-2023, 08:44 AM
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Thumbs up my first eqemu

I just started playing in this server,
I'm totaly new to eqemu and not a true veteran eq player,
the people on this server are very helpfull making this journey for me possible
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Old 10-11-2023, 08:33 AM
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Old 12-02-2023, 07:08 PM
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Default Latest News

Latest News

December 3, 2023: New Tier 6 Solo Instance: Grel Strongboom. New Minotaur Pet for Magicians. Introduction of Txevu, Bloodied Quarries and Eternal Affiliction Reliquaries. 120 new custom/legendary items. Improved drop rates for various Epic 1.5/2.0 items or alternate ways to retrieve them.
November 28, 2023: Just one week after release, the first two players have already completed their Epic 2.0! Introduction of Omens of War Reliquaries.
November 23, 2023: Omens of War Beta is out! New improved pet illusions.
Novebmer 16, 2023: New Raptor Pet for Beastlord. Improved various events so they can continue after a zone- or server-reboot.
November 10, 2023: Introduction of Spider Den and Tacvi Reliquaries, a set of zone-specific custom currency, which allows for purchasing legendary items. Support for trading no-drop items between characters belonging to the same person (IP). Overking Bathezid is now officially part of the progression and required to unlock Tier 4. Various new fabled NPCs including The Fabled Arch Mage Yozanni and The Fabled Queen Tarmax.
November 7, 2023: Ghoul Lord is now officially part of the progression and required to unlock Tier 2. New teleport destination and new shield ornamentations available.

Full release notes available on the discord channel.
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Old 01-28-2024, 05:28 AM
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10/10 Server! Give my bro's server a shot you wont regret it.
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Old 04-01-2024, 11:57 AM
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Default Update Q1, 2024

Partial Release of Prophecy of Ro, including the zones: Arcplace, Elddar Forest, Deathknell (Tier 10 group instance), Razorthorn (Tier 9 group instance), Relic, Skylance (Tier 9 group instance).
Partial Release of Depths of Darkhollows, including the zones: The Hive, The Lodge of the Fang (Tier 8 group instance).

New Solo/Duo Instances: Bertoxxulous (Tier 7), Rikkukin the Defender (Tier 8 ), Mastery of Versatility (Tier 9).
New Group Instances: Grummus (Tier 5), Fabled Plane of Torment (Tier 10), Fabled Plane of Tactics (Tier 11).
New custom named: Overseer Iseek (The Lodge of the Fang, Tier 8 ), Zummbuk the Vengeful (The Hive, Tier 8+), Avalara Frostgrave (Spider Den, Tier 9-), Sikl the Slayer of Men and Drogar the Indomitable (Tier 9, Bloodied Quarries).

Arch Magus Vangl is now part of the Tier 9 progression.
Aura of Might is now supported in the custom instances of Intuk'ta, Tacvi and Anguish.
New reliquaries for Fabled Nagafen, Fabled Karnor's, Fabled Permafrost, Fabled Umbral Planes, Fabled Plane of Disease and Deathknell. (Reliquary is a custom currency that can be used to purchase legendary items.)
Congrats 6-boxing-team Wutz for completing all content up to and including Tier 9.
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Old 07-04-2024, 03:08 PM
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Default Update Q2, 2024

Today, July 4, 2024, EQ Might is celebrating its 2nd anniversary!

Various new zones and instances, including:
The Fabled Tower of Solusek Ro - Tier 11 raid instance.
Stillmoon Temple - Tier 10 solo/duo instance with fully custom NPCs and quests.
Sverag, Legions of Sverag - Tier 10 solo/duo instance.
The Corruption of Ro - Tier 10 solo/duo instance.
Sverag, Ravenous Undead - Tier 9 group instance.
Lodge of the Fang - Tier 8 solo/duo instance.
Circle of Drakes - Tier 8 solo/duo instance.

Players can now Unlock level 69 (Tier 11) by completing the following tasks:
- Defeat all Fabled PoP Tier 10 group instances.
- Defeat all Prophecy of Ro Tier 10 group instances.
- Defeat all Prophecy of Ro Tier 10 solo/duo instances.
- Defeat OMM.
- Attain Epic 2.0, The Black Gemstone (BiC, simplified) and three other epic quest items.
As per today, 18 players have already achieved this goal.

Additional new features:
- Many new Fabled NPCs and new custom NPCs in existing zones.
- Introduction of Ultrafabled NPCs, such as The Ultrafabled Sontalak (Tier 12).
- Various new reliquaries (server custom currency to buy zone specific items).
- Intoduction of Mystical Items (high end quest-items or rare-drops with three augmentation slots).
- Most reliquaries are now tradable between players with the same IP.
- Support for trading banked AA.
- Many new AAs unlocked with level 69.
- Epic 2.0 bow for Rangers.
- Plane of Time instance can be halted at half time and continued at a later time.
- Improved aggro options for tanks.
- Class balancing.
- Various new QoL enhancements.
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