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  1. Post Tutorial Submissions here!
  2. Submitted tutorial by Aquelin
  3. Submitted tutorial by Malignus Wingnut
  4. Submitted tutorial by Thekeepers
  5. Submitted tutorial by Muuss
  6. Database/Perl Faction System
  7. Hardware specs
  8. Easy guide to HPatcher/H-Patcher.
  9. How to Create Special Effects in Any Zone
  10. How to make NPC Models Load in Any Zone.
  11. Change the Maximum Level (revived)
  12. How to use access to edit mysql database
  13. EQEmu Guidebook 1.3
  14. backup, restore and dump tables and databases in mysql
  15. How to see velious armor graphics
  16. Private Server Setup
  17. need play guide
  18. Merchant id list - Spaw merchants
  19. HOW TO open Ports on a NEW Linksys Router For 6.1
  20. Changing Login Screen, Loading Screen, and Splashes
  21. How to setup a 0.6.1 DR1 Server for internet play.
  22. How To Setup A 6.2 Server
  23. 0.6.2 item creating/editing
  24. Fixing Router Error
  25. Server Setup
  26. Server Setup for Routers