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09-10-2004, 10:32 AM
GMAX Mesh Modelisation

Author : KhaN

Informations :
This tutorial will explain you how to install GMax and its scripts, that will allow you to design objects/zones usable in OpenZone.

Requirement :
- None

1. Explanation
As many of you know, WindCatcher made a program called OpenZone. This program allow you to make custom EverQuest zones in S3D format for your server.
Actually, main lack in OpenZone is there are a few free models available to download, and that the only good 3D modelers available cost a bunch of bucks. Discreet (Company that made 3DStudio Max), made a free version of this software, its called GMax, its light version, with some option/function cut (Export / Renders), but the essential of the software is present, and its main tool (maxscripts) still available, making it actually the best free 3D modelers available.
GMax is used in MANY games modding, from Battlefield 1942 to Command and Conquer Generals, and its reputation is really great.

2. Installation of GMax
- Download GMAX, You will be able to download GMax on turbosquid (well know 3D modeling site) : http://www.turbosquid.com/gmax
On this link, you will also find links to diverse and comprehensive GMax tutorials, intallations helpers, templates.

3. Installation of OBJ Script
In all 3D modelers, when you want to export a scene/object to a special file format (3DS in the case of OpenZone), you use Export, but this function is cutted in GMax, but no worry, you will still be able to export as OBJ thru the GMax script system.
Basically, this script will export your scene/objects thru a script (automated) to an OBJ file format (Wavefont). When your OBJ will be done, you will then be able to save this OBJ to 3DS using 3DWin (see 4. Installation of 3DWin).
- Download OBJ Script : http://redeye.free.fr/lightwave/tut05/files/gMAX2OBJ.ms
Note this script export UV coords and automaticly convert quads and tris.
- Copy this script to your ".../GMax/Script/"

3. Installation of 3DWin
3DWin is a convert software that will allow you to convert any 3D format into any 3D format, in this case, OBJ made with the OBJ script under GMax to a 3DS format readable by OpenZone.
- Download 3DWin : http://www.tb-software.com/download/3Rheingold3D_Setup.exe

4. Using OBJ Script
- Click on Utility icon (Last icon on Main Pannel on left), and click on "MaxScript".
- This will open MaxScript pannel.
- Click on "Open Listener".
- In your Open Listener, you will get a lots of coords, numbers, you will need to copy all in a notepad for example, and then rename this file to *.OBJ
You will need to copy all from :
# -----------------
# Start of obj file
o object02
v -2.76332 -4.2437 22.315
v -0.426647 -2.74268 20.1489
f 230/230/746 235/235/746 923/923/746
f 403/403/747 213/213/747 220/220/747

# end of obj file
# ---------------

5. Example of 3DS Creation Process
Now all is installed, creating 3DS is fairly simple.
- Design your mesh into GMax, or import a 3D Model into GMax using "Import".
- Export your scene/object to OBJ using OBJ script
- Launch 3DWin, and convert your OBJ to 3DS
- Import 3DS into OpenZone.

Im conscient this process can look heavy for many, but it is actually, the only and best way to get the power of an efficiant 3D modeler, maybe a script to export as 3DS exist (Would shorten time), but i never heard of any.