View Full Version : eqextractor importing issue

07-22-2011, 07:39 PM
I collected some aa data as well as some PoK zone data(merchant lists and npc's) aswell as voida merchant info, and walls of slaughter info. When i used eqextractor and selected update current npc's and import merchant lists for pok and voida everything imported fine. The issue came around when i went to log in and the dos window is showing a titanium connection instead of a SoD connection and i just hang at the login screen no debugging info, no error, no connection to login server. I have tried changing the port connection and i am getting no were fast, btw this is a personal server running peq self install server with svn revisions from eqemu. i will be posting this on peq website also im just wondering if it is a eqextractor issue or if it was something i messed up.