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Uleat 07-09-2016 12:53 PM

Mob Pathing Issues and High CPU Usage
There is a fix in the git repository for an issue where a zone's roaming mobs will path upon start-up, then stop.

This is usually accompanied by high cpu usage.

To fix this issue, just pull in the latest code, recompile and move the new binaries to your server directory.

Anyone running older/custom code will want to evaluate whether this fix affects their server and apply the fix manually.


Uleat 07-09-2016 10:24 PM

If you suspect this issue is occurring on your server, you can verify the bug's existence with the following test:

- Locate a zone with high cpu usage and low client population, or where mobs are known to roam..but, currently are not (dawnshroud and maidens are good candidates)

- (Optional: prepare a hotkey with the command #npcstats)

- #repop the zone

- find a NPC and target, then use #npcstats

- If the Grid number reports '0,' then that mob is either static (non-roaming) or its pathing has not been loaded

- If your zone mobs have stopped moving already, or as an alternate to using #repop, switch targets around until you find a mob with a negative Grid number

A 'roaming' mob will have a positive Grid number. If you repopped your zone and followed a moving mob, you will notice that when it stops, the number will become negative.
This is an indicator that your server is affected by this bug.


The above is more of a trouble-shooting method.

An easier means of 'checking' would be to find a zone, as indicated above, then:


#logs set gmsay 18 3

..where '18' is the pathing channel.

You should notice some general pathing messages as things spool up from the repop.

Within a minute of the #repop, you should start to see a message like 'Pathing to Waypoint 1' start to come in.

In under 2 minutes, you should get a pretty consistent stream of spam from the server, almost exclusively containing the above message.

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