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Welcome to the Everquest Emulator, An Open Source project committed to providing Custom Everquest Servers.
If you are looking to play on an EQEmulator Server, try our Getting Started Wiki Guide.

RoF2 Client Comes to EQEmu!
Dec 29, 2014 - 2:20 PM - by trevius
I recommend that everyone get the Everquest Free to Play client from Steam ASAP:


(Make sure to just get the Free to Play one, as there is no need to buy the latest expansion on there since they are both the same download.)

Install Instructions for RoF2 can be found on the Play Guide.

Many are already aware of this client due to the development tracking thread, but the client is now finalized enough to make an official news post for it.

This download is still considered RoF Expansion, but it is a different patch (about 6 months later). We are calling it the "RoF2" client. Even if you don't switch over to it immediately, I highly recommend everyone get in now in case SOE decides to patch the version that has been on Steam since May 10th 2013.

This new client is nearly 100% as compatible with EQEmu as the UF and previous clients are. For the latest status of development for this client, refer to the Steam RoF2 Development Tracking thread.

The stability and performance of this client seems to be far better than any previous EQEmu client due to a high focus by the SOE team to improve these areas of code around that time. It is 3 years newer than the Underfoot client, which isn't quite as far of a jump as going from Titanium to Underfoot, but it is still enough of a jump to see very noticeable improvements immediately.

There are too many cool new features to list them all. Here are a few highlights off the top of my head:
  1. Augmenting has never been easier. No more aug pool or combines. You simply put the aug in a slot in the item and remove it in the same way you would put something into a bag.
  2. Clickies can now be used from inside bags!
  3. More hotkey bars available.
  4. Copy layout, hotkeys, and more to easily setup multiple characters UIs.
  5. Hero's Forge Armor Models are available, but server's need to implement them into their database and content to make them available to players (some servers are already doing this).
  6. New 6th aug slot available for items (requires server owners to add them to their database as desired).
  7. More inventory space and bigger bags. There are 2 more main inventory slots and the client can handle at least 100 slot bags (and probably even bigger). This still needs to have support added to EQEmu for it, but it is already in development (no ETA).
  8. Even more NPC Races, new Zones, and an insane number of new Weapon and Armor models and item icons.
  9. Lots of memory and performance tweaks as well as increased stability. This is great for anyone that boxes multiple accounts.
  10. Tons of new minor features and options such as hotkeys showing cooldown timers on them and options to be able to click through yourself and/or your pet/merc if you prefer 3rd person view.

Note that not all servers currently support this client, but there is a decent list so far including PEQ, EZ, Storm Haven, and I am sure at least a handful of others. As more servers update their source code, this client will be useable on them as well.

There are still a few issues to work out such as Bazaar trading and some Guild Functionality, but overall the RoF2 client is very functional and polished. The Dev team is still working hard to resolve the remaining issues.
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EOC 2.0 Released & Other News
Nov 11, 2014 - 8:37 PM - by Akkadius
EQEmu Operations Center for Development

Apparently releasing EOC 2.0 in its own thread wasn't enough to let people know because in this one week alone I've had people asking me when 2.0 will be released. But check it out because some of the tools are amazing.

Please read this thread and go to the Wiki page that I fully describe everything encompassing EOC 2.0 (Developers toolkit).


As I describe on the Wiki page, EOC 2.0 is simply another development tool, some are very amazing and effective at what they offer. All in all you can use this tool and the already well established PEQ Editor without having to install anything yourself, just follow the simple directions that have been written in the Wiki article.

The purpose of EoC is to provide rapid server development tools that may or may not be available through other mediums.

The goal is not to replace or duplicate effort but to make an extremely effective creative medium to develop and manage server's and their content respectively
EOC Wiki Page: http://wiki.eqemulator.org/p?EQEmu_O...elopment#tools

To answer the question, "Will EOC be open sourced for development?" - The answer is yes, I will Github this project, but only a standalone deployment for 1 user simply because I don't want others doing hosted EOC setups when there already is one. When I get time to address the things I need to address and push it to Github I will.

This will also unlock a can of worms for others to make modules and tools for it as well if they wish.

If you have any questions respond to this thread or the one linked above please.

Worldserver Registrations

  • If you are not intending to advertise information regarding your server, such as the website URL or the description of the server on the server list, IE you are running a development server - you do NOT need to register your server for it to function or appear on the Loginserver.
  • I just got done going through about 20 registration PM's and we have about 75 EQEmu servers on the Loginserver currently


  • Ornamentations have finally made their way to EQEmu with the work of Natedog and Drajor

Active Projects
  • Trevius is currently looking at Mercenaries to see what we can do to get them stable/usable
  • Uleat is working on various fixes as usual and working on the massive Inventory code conversion in the smoothest way possible
  • Kayen implemented target rings with some opcodes and information from Lecht
  • Akkadius to implement de-blobbing the player corpse
  • Akkadius working towards automatic database versioning and upgrade method
  • Addmoreice working towards simplifying the DB API and getting rid of RunQuery, as well as simplifying other API portions of the EQEmu code.
  • KLS and Akkadius continue working on a HTML5 websockets real-time communication framework with the EQEmulator server in the 'web_interface' branch of github SEEN HERE

EQEmu Server List
  • The server list page now shows new servers that are both unregistered and registered on the list now. Thanks Rogean.

Navigation Bar Links
  • Updated commonly used reference links on the navigation bar

Georges Tools Updated

PEQ Database Dump
  • For a while these were broken, not exporting all tables correctly because the script broke due to large changes in the database schema lately, this should be good to go again per KLS

Magelo Updated

  • Maudigan updated his Magelo build to reflect the recent large change in how characters are loaded/saved, to note his announcement, all of the Magelo is currently completely functional
  • Link - http://mqemulator.net/downloads.php#charbrowser

PEQ Mac (Al Kabor)


Robregen: Well we had a breakthrough on the netcode. Thanks to Secrets. He's still refactoring it to further improve it. We open up the Iksar and Vah Shir starting cities and area.
Still moving along nicely although we still have a ways to go. Hoping to open up beta sometime early next year
Speedz: The official Mac clients have actually been able to connect, up until this point its just been the PC client version with recent netcode changes. OSX still needing some work.

Far less desyncs and overall issues since Akkadius' character deblob overhaul. Seems to have alleviated a lot of odd issues, overall we're heading in a great direction.
Recent EQEmu Changelog

== 11/11/2014 ==
Uleat: Third attempt at a fix for GM trainer zone crashes... (this is starting to look like a KLS fix...)

== 11/10/2014 ==
Uleat: Fix for GM Trainer crashing server (really!)
JJ: Yellow faction messages.

== 11/09/2014 ==
Kayen: Implemented support for spell target type (45) 'Target Rings' on Underfoot (does work earlier expansions). Thanks to Lecht for figuring out the op_code side.
JJ: Implement new Live-like faction adjustment message using rule Client:UseLiveFactionMessage.
Optional SQL: utils/sql/git/optional/2014_11_09_LiveFactionMessages.sql

== 11/06/2014 ==
demonstar55: Tracking default sort will now be correct order
Trevius: Fixed dynamic merchant list loading. Allows any merchant to be used in any zone.

== 11/03/2014 ==
Secrets: Fixed an overflow in melee lifetap calculations (int16 vs int32)
Secrets: Fixed overflow on AC and ATK values that can go out of range.
Secrets: Merc/Bot fixes for previous updates.
Secrets: Changed a lot of int16s for stat-related functions to int32 because they were causing combat formula overflows (int16/int32 mismatch).
Secrets: Linux fix?

== 11/02/2014 ==
Akkadius: Added out of range checking for Spell Save/Loads

== 11/01/2014 ==
Trevius: Fixed potential crash related to Pets/Mercs buffs when targeting themselves.
JJ: (noudess) Revamped faction system. See https://github.com/EQEmu/Server/pull/256

== 10/28/2014 ==
Uleat: Added Client::InterrogateInventory(). Can be invoked by #interrogateinv and is also called when Handle_OP_MoveItem() calls for SwapItemResync()

== 10/22/2014 ==
Uleat: Fix for stacking items in a world object..added a new command option: #peekinv world - will show world container contents, if one is in use by target.

== 10/20/2014 ==
demonstar55: Inspect Buffs rank 1 will now show NPC buffs in target window (SoD+)

== 10/19/2014 ==
Uleat: Updated command #peekinv to display item links properly in RoF clients
demonstar55: Group Mentoring in raids
demonstar55: Inspect Buffs (text only version) works in raid groups
demonstar55: Make use of the Inspect Buffs op/packet. 62 SOL until someone finds its op

== 10/18/2014==
demonstar55: Implement group mentor, sharing leadership exp (SoF+ only)
demonstar55: Add gaining of group leadership while in raids

== 10/16/2014 ==
Uleat: Fixed the auto-conversion view naming error and renamed the views in the script files. Added a fix sql for databases that auto-converted.
Fix SQL: ../sql/git/bots/deprecated/2014_10_16_Lower_Case_View_Fix.sql

== 10/15/2014 ==
Uleat: Cleaned up load/drop bots sqls, added '../utils/sql/git/bots/deprecated' and '../deprecated/load_bots_old.sql' (use this file on pre-player blob conversion databases.)
Notes: I modifed the behavior of both load and drop bots to fail on the first operation if their modifications have been performed already.
'load_bots.sql' will explicitly add bot schema, while 'drop_bots.sql' will explicitly drop it. I also added a few lines to change
a few altered tables back to their original state - as of the date in the file.

== 10/13/2014 ==
demonstar55: Partially implement leadership and raids
Currently working: client side only effects and stat bonuses.
Not working: Mark NPC, and other stuff that need extra server side support
Currently only UF tested (Tit and 62 may just work, others need packet work)

== 10/12/2014 ==
Akkadius: Fix for LDON Character Stat load
If I missed anything, please let me know. I'm sure I did, there's a lot going on
5 Replies | 1,129 Views
Windows Server Repack (EQEmu Akka's PEQ Repack)
Sep 27, 2014 - 3:55 AM - by Akkadius
Day after day, I see so many threads of people having issues with their servers and trying to get one started or struggling to get a solid base together.

With all of my 7 years of expertise I have compiled a very precise, simple solution to getting a base PEQ server up and running and it takes as little as 2-5 minutes to install and get off the ground. It took a lot of time to get this repack right but here it is for all to use.

Enjoy - Please post if you have used this and share how easy it was for you.

For more information see below:

Download Page: http://wiki.eqemulator.org/p?Akkas_P...epack&frm=Main

165 Replies | 16,902 Views
World Server Registration for the Loginserver
Sep 17, 2014 - 9:26 PM - by Akkadius
If you want your World Server officially registered on the list.

Send me a PM Here: http://www.eqemulator.org/forums/pri...newpm&u=100179

If you do not fill out the below form, I will ignore your request and will not do anything with your PM.

Server Name:
Server Operator Forum Name:
Worldserver Account:
Worldserver Password:
Website URL:
Server Description:

Note: Worldserver account and password is something entirely new that you create and decide, this will only be used in you eqemu_config.xml which will jive with its registration with the loginserver when it boots up.

I will also edit existing accounts, just send me the same form

8 Replies | 10,080 Views
Forum Avatars Enabled
Aug 10, 2014 - 9:09 PM - by Akkadius
Forum Avatars are now enabled for all users. Enjoy. (Keep it clean or get a nice ban)
3 Replies | 6,212 Views
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