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Old 03-12-2019, 03:24 PM
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Default LUA Bucket Shared Banker

Hey everyone,

Put this one together as part of some NPCs I've been working at here and there for a casino. This one is simply a banker that converts your platinum to a Data Bucket Value based on your Account ID, so it doubles up as a shared bank.

note: With LUA I think you may need to either add a clause to give players the bucket referenced here or add it somewhere else before players can use it.

function event_say(e)
	if (e.message:findi("hail")) then
		e.other:Message(315, "Hail and well met mighty adventurer!  If you would like to [" .. eq.say_link("exchange",false,"exchange") .. "] platinum for credit, cash [" .. eq.say_link("out",false,"out") .. "], or know how much [" .. eq.say_link("credit",false,"credit") .. "] you have, I can help you with that.");
	if (e.message:findi("exchange")) then
		e.other:Message(315,"If you hand me platinum, I will convert it into credit.  Your money will be safe with me, but you can always cash out if you'd like.");
	if (e.message:findi("credit")) then
		local k = eq.get_data(e.other:AccountID() .. "_Casino");
		e.other:Message(315,"Currently your balance is " .. k ..".");
	if (e.message:findi("out")) then
		local cashout = eq.get_data(e.other:AccountID() .. "_Casino");
		e.other:GiveCash(0, 0, 0, tonumber(cashout));
		eq.set_data(e.other:AccountID() .. "_Casino", '0');
		e.other:Message(315,"Your balance has been cleared.  Enjoy the rest of your stay!");

function event_trade(e)
	local item_lib = require("items");
	if(e.trade.platinum ~= 0 and e.trade.platinum ~= nil) then
		local c2 = e.trade.platinum;
		local c3 = eq.get_data(e.other:AccountID() .. "_Casino");
		local c4 = c2 + c3;
		eq.set_data(e.other:AccountID() .. "_Casino", tostring(c4));
		e.other:Message(315,"Your platinum has been credited to your account.  Your current balance is: " .. eq.get_data(e.other:AccountID() .. "_Casino") .. ".");
	item_lib.return_items(e.self, e.other, e.trade);
I tend to use global_player.pl for connection-based checks for my LUA docs/Buckets since it's a convenient way to add em for all chars, if you'd like that then add this to your global_player.pl:

	$key = $client->AccountID() . "_Casino";
	if($client->AccountID() . "_Casino" == '')
    quest::set_data($key, 0);
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