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Old 05-13-2022, 11:59 PM
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Default Server Doesn't Show - Stumped

I've worked on this for a few days now (many hours). I've searched the site/forums, have tried an incredibly large number of things and my server still doesn't want to show up on the list. This is a server that I've had for many years. I've made tons of changes to it to get it in its current state. It has been live many, many times without issues. Yet, this time it just won't work. I saw the post detailing the issues with the login server and utilizing projecteq.net, but those suggestions did not work (in case that was the issue). I've worked and reworked my port forwarding so many times now that I've lost count. I am at a loss. I'll post my eqemu_config file below, but I'm not entirely sure how close it is to when I started working on fixing this issue as I've made many changes during my troubleshooting. I tried to put it back to its original form, but something here-and-there may be off. I'd appreciate any help I can get with this. Note: This server is from a very old Akkadius pre-pack. It's never been updated, and the last time I fired the server up was in August, 2021 (it worked fine).

<?xml version="1.0">
		<!-- Set the shortname to ONE word. The longname is what shows up on server list -->
		<longname>Server of Inebriated</longname>

		<!-- <address></address> -->
		<!-- <localaddress></localaddress> -->

		<!-- Loginserver information. DO NOT EDIT -->
			<!-- <legacy>1</legacy> -->

		<!-- Server status. Default is unlocked DO NOT EDIT RIGHT NOW -->
		<!-- <unlocked/> -->

		<tcp ip=localhost port="9000" telnet="disable"/>

		<!-- Sets the shared key used by zone/launcher to connect to world -->

		<!-- Enable and set the port for the HTTP service. Defaults are shown -->
		<!-- <http port="9080" enabled="false" mimefile="mime.types" /> -->
		<http port="9080" enabled="false" mimefile="mime.types" />

	<!-- Chatserver (channels) information. DO NOT EDIT -->
		<!-- <host>192.168.1.x</host> -->
		<!-- <port>7778</port> -->

	<!-- Mailserver (in-game mail) information. DO NOT EDIT -->
		<!-- <host>192.168.1.x</host> -->
		<!-- <port>7778</port> -->

	<!-- The defaultstatus is what status the new toons will have on your server -->

	<!-- Sets port range for world to use to auto configure zones DO NOT EDIT RIGHT NOW-->
	<!-- <ports low="7000" high="7100"/> -->
	<ports low="7000" high="7400"/>

	<!-- Set username to root and password is your MySQL password and db to peq -->
		<!-- <host></host> -->
		<!-- <port>3306</port> -->
		<!-- <username>asdf</username> -->
		<!-- <password>asdf</password> -->
		<!-- <db>peq</db> -->

		<!-- <host></host> -->
		<!-- <port>3306</port> -->
		<!-- <username>asdf</username> -->
		<!-- <password>asdf</password> -->
		<!-- <db>peq</db> --> 


	<!-- Launcher Configuration DO NOT EDIT-->
	<!-- <logprefix>logs/zone-</logprefix> -->
	<!-- <logsuffix>.log</logsuffix> -->
	<!-- <exe>zone.exe</exe> -->
	<!-- <timers restart="10000" reterminate="10000"> -->

	<!-- File locations. DO NOT EDIT -->
	<!-- <spells>spells_us.txt</spells> -->
	<!-- <opcodes>opcodes.conf</opcodes> -->
	<!-- <logsettings>log.ini</logsettings> -->
	<!-- <eqtime>eqtime.cfg</eqtime> -->
	<!-- Directory locations. DO NOT EDIT -->
	<!-- <maps>Maps</maps> -->
	<!-- <quests>quests</quests> -->
	<!-- <plugins>plugins</plugins> -->
I'd appreciate any assistance. I've pretty much exhausted every possibility on my end besides updating to the latest version (which would likely take a ton of work, and I'd have a get win10).

Update: It's definitely something to do with the login server. I left it over night and it never connected to eqemulator. I figured out why it wasn't showing up when I tried the projecteq workaround. I didn't realize that the server wouldn't show up on eqemulator.org's server list. That being said, I wasn't able to actually connect to the server through projecteq. I decided to figure out how to start my own login server, and now it seems to be working. I hope this helps anyone else that may have stumbled across similar issues.
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Old 05-16-2022, 06:54 PM
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Edit: nevermind you got it
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