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Development: Custom Code This is for code thatdoes not emulate live and wont be added to the official code.

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Old 12-28-2018, 11:14 PM
Fire Beetle
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Default Fix for leveling past level 86

there is currently a bug where if your character is past level 86 and gains exp then it will automaticly be reset back to 86. reason for this is a buffer overflow on the pull of character data from your database to the zone client
this little patch is ment to fix this

with a lot of testing i was able to reach the 112 without having buffer overflow issues, currently live is at 110 so, i see no real need to raise level beyond that

Converts UINT32 -> char array to be readable
@@ -475,10 +475,16 @@ const char *ConvertArray(int input, char *returnchar)
 	sprintf(returnchar, "%i", input);
 	return returnchar;
+const char *ConvertArrayU(uint32 input, char *returnchar)
+	sprintf(returnchar, "%u", input);
+	return returnchar;
 const char *ConvertArrayF(float input, char *returnchar)
 	sprintf(returnchar, "%0.2f", input);
 	return returnchar;
@@ -491,6 +497,6 @@ bool isAlphaNumeric(const char *text)
 			(text[charIndex] < '0' || text[charIndex] > '9'))
 			return false;
 	return true;
\ No newline at end of file
this is only seeable by gms when they gain experience as a gm... so its not really needed unless your having issues and want to debug things
@@ -46,10 +46,11 @@ bool isAlphaNumeric(const char *text);
 bool strn0cpyt(char* dest, const char* source, uint32 size);
 char *CleanMobName(const char *in, char *out);
 char *RemoveApostrophes(const char *s);
 char* strn0cpy(char* dest, const char* source, uint32 size);
 const char *ConvertArray(int input, char *returnchar);
+const char *ConvertArrayU(uint32 input, char *returnchar);
 const char *ConvertArrayF(float input, char *returnchar);
 const char *MakeLowerString(const char *source);
 int MakeAnyLenString(char** ret, const char* format, ...);
 uint32 AppendAnyLenString(char** ret, uint32* bufsize, uint32* strlen, const char* format, ...);
 uint32 hextoi(const char* num);
This is mostly a sanity check, if the add_exp float for some reason does buffer over flow, lets not allow it to buffer overflow the character and send it back to level 1
@@ -443,11 +443,11 @@ void Client::CalculateExp(uint32 in_add_exp, uint32 &add_exp, uint32 &add_aaxp,
 		if (zone->IsHotzone())
 			totalmod += RuleR(Zone, HotZoneBonus);
-		add_exp = uint32(float(add_exp) * totalmod * zemmod);
+		if (float(add_exp) >= 0.0f) add_exp = uint32(float(add_exp) * totalmod * zemmod);
 		//if XP scaling is based on the con of a monster, do that now.
 		if (RuleB(Character, UseXPConScaling))
 			if (conlevel != 0xFF && !resexp)
@@ -756,11 +756,11 @@ void Client::SetEXP(uint32 set_exp, uint32 set_aaxp, bool isrezzexp) {
 	if (admin>=100 && GetGM()) {
 		char val1[20]={0};
 		char val2[20]={0};
 		char val3[20]={0};
-		Message_StringID(MT_Experience, GM_GAINXP, ConvertArray(set_aaxp,val1),ConvertArray(set_exp,val2),ConvertArray(GetEXPForLevel(GetLevel()+1),val3));	//[GM] You have gained %1 AXP and %2 EXP (%3).
+		Message_StringID(MT_Experience, GM_GAINXP, ConvertArrayU(set_aaxp, val1), ConvertArrayU(set_exp, val2), ConvertArray(GetEXPForLevel(GetLevel() + 1), val3));	//[GM] You have gained %1 AXP and %2 EXP (%3).
 void Client::SetLevel(uint8 set_level, bool command)
this is the currently broken pull from the database that is normally only converted to a int, we are changing it to be converted into a long long, it being a long long will allow it to be converted to a UINT32 without any data loss
@@ -1114,11 +1114,11 @@ bool ZoneDatabase::LoadCharacterData(uint32 character_id, PlayerProfile_Struct*
 		pp->ability_number = atoi(row[r]); r++;									 // "ability_number,            "
 		pp->ability_time_minutes = atoi(row[r]); r++;							 // "ability_time_minutes,      "
 		pp->ability_time_hours = atoi(row[r]); r++;								 // "ability_time_hours,        "
 		strcpy(pp->title, row[r]); r++;											 // "title,                     "
 		strcpy(pp->suffix, row[r]); r++;										 // "suffix,                    "
-		pp->exp = atoi(row[r]); r++;											 // "exp,                       "
+		pp->exp = atoll(row[r]); r++;											 // "exp,                       "
 		pp->points = atoi(row[r]); r++;											 // "points,                    "
 		pp->mana = atoi(row[r]); r++;											 // "mana,                      "
 		pp->cur_hp = atoi(row[r]); r++;											 // "cur_hp,                    "
 		pp->STR = atoi(row[r]); r++;											 // "str,                       "
 		pp->STA = atoi(row[r]); r++;											 // "sta,                       "
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