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Old 05-28-2022, 08:29 AM
Fire Beetle
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Default VegasEQ

VegasEQ is open for beta. There will be bugs, help me find them. Experience, skill-up and drop rates are increased during the Beta.

A few features:

⦁Open up to Planes of Power, level 65.
⦁Boxing allowed (up to 6).
⦁Bots allowed (up to 5 at a time per character).
⦁Stacking up to 1,000.
⦁Increased health, mana and endurance regen rates. (15 seconds to activate, 30 seconds to full).
⦁Monk bots use their epic in combat if it is equipped.
⦁Mage bots can summon their epic if it is equipped (must give back Summon Orb spell to the Keeper of Secrets to receive bot version of epic).
⦁Bots that have castable epics can use them using the ^useepic/^ue command. IE. ^ue Clericbot.
⦁Cleric Bots can hold their nukes via ^hn/^holdnukes.
⦁Custom AAs to Gate, Bind and Port to the Hub (free AAs).
⦁Death Touch will hit Bots if they are the primary target.
⦁Quality of life improvements available such as map, AAs, Leadership, HoTT, Aggro Meter, etc.

⦁Nearly all wearable items in the game are global RNG (random) drop based on mob difficulty. You must be no more than 10 levels above the mob to get drops.
⦁⦁Rare and Raid mobs have chances of dropping better and the more difficult, multiple items.

⦁Epic Tokens can drop from any mob level 45+, group and raid mobs have an even higher chance.
⦁⦁These can be traded in at the Hub for the according class epic weapon.

⦁Shards drop from mobs and increase in quantity as the mobs get more difficult
⦁⦁These can be reclaimed via the Alternate Currency tab in your Inventory Window then traded in at the Hub for items from merchants that rotate their stock every 12 hours.

Find out more details on the Discord under the getting-started channel. Come play and enjoy!

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Old 08-03-2022, 07:16 PM
Fire Beetle
Join Date: Apr 2008
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We are live! The server was reset at midnight on 8/1 and is ready for action. Please hop on in and enjoy the fun. Get to know one another, grow and play together!
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bots, loot, pop, random, vegas

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