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Old 11-30-2019, 01:33 AM
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Default YOU and the PEQ

This is for those odd "newbies", who may have installed their first server and having problems understanding the basics of how it all comes together. If you're planning on altering/customizing your new server and asking yourself "What have I got myself into?", I will try and give you a brief inclination of what you're up against.

First of all, EQEmulator(EQEmu) and ProjectEQ(PEQ), are the main driving forces behind this whole project that gives us most of the data resources for a basic (out of the box) EQ server of your own. There is many contributors, coders and developers (both past and present), working on the source code, database, quests, maps, etc., all collaborating with each other to make it all come together for all of us to benefit from. Most of that same work shows up on the PEQTGC Server (the official project server). So if you want a preview of what you're getting when you install a fresh new server, just log onto the PEQTGC and cruise around with a toon for awhile.(if you haven't already). It's literally a case of "What you see is what you get".

The "endgame" goals of the whole project is to emulate "current" EQ Live. I wouldn't use that word "current", too loosely, because obviously, the project can only develop so fast, which is why you will notice the expansion that the project content is up to, and including, (so far), OoW. But don't assume everything would be perfect in all expansions up to OoW. Little glitches here and there, that haven't been fixed yet, it's just a matter of time, before someone notices, and/or gets around to it. The work is not just ongoing for adding new content, some of the past expansions are still being constantly updated. It's a community project, full of volunteers. You can be one too if you want.

Once you start poking around in the content of your newly installed server, you will soon become aware that the "MAIN" PEQ project has little desire to preserve any particular past expansion content. This is why you will see modern content (npc's,items, etc) that is comparable to EQ Live. It's not just the database that is following that path, the source code, which produces the binaries (.exe files for example) that run the server, play a big part in the game mechanics, including things like combat code, etc. That main source code is also being developed with priorities of integrating with the PEQ's goals of emulating current EQ Live. Even though the project supports several different game clients, you may notice things are more simplified with the Rain of Fear client, in terms of game mechanics, when customizing your own server.

So now, if you're sitting there wanting to customize your new server, you may have a lot of knowledge to gain and tons of work to do, depending on your preferences. If you're thinking about a unique, modern era, custom server, you have somewhat of a starting advantage. One example, is unused modern zones in newer expansions that are not yet implemented in the project, but they exist in the database. Some even have NPC's in the zones. Currently the project is working on the DoN expansion, so you may run into "unofficial" content in the DoN zones, from a current database download.

IMPORTANT to know: However you decide to customize your server, or whatever direction you wish to take it, the various supported EQ clients can play a big factor in your own desires. Titanium, for example, can have unexpected limits that you didn't count on. There is some things where project developers are not able to do anything, because there is game mechanics built right into the game clients that can't be (legitimately) altered.

CLASSIC guru's: If you have desires to rewind back in time and work on a classic style server, you may find it more difficult than anticipated, especially if you're trying to get more closer to "era accurate", than most have accomplished. You can do a lot in the database, with NPC's, stats and loot, etc., but there is so much more to it in the source code, which you would have to learn the EQEmu code, learn how to edit and recompile the binaries. That source code involves a lot of game mechanics, which would play a big part in the classic era behaviour of your server. Any hardcore classic servers you may see out there now, took a lot of knowledge, time, effort and work to create. In some cases, years.

Whatever you decide to do with your server development/creation, there is still plenty of useful "how to" info out there for anyone with the intitative to read, as well as others who are willing to lend an ear when they have time. A lot of great work has been put into the new support wiki (work may still be in progress) https://eqemu.gitbook.io/server You can also log on to the EQEmu Discord chat server, with many helpful people and info on there. https://discordapp.com/invite/QHsm7CD It's full of support channels with reasonably prompt replies. It's a popular hangout now

You will also find a disussion on there #project-peq-expansions which is an ongoing "extra" project, involving the creation of a system which will allow users to set their expansion content to a particular expansion.(assume nothing yet). This is a long term projection that will not be completed over-night, but something to look forward to in the future. Work is already started on it, BUT, it really is a "people and time" issue. Not enough. Feel free to get involved if you have something to contribute.

Good Luck with your server.
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Old 11-30-2019, 06:12 PM
Join Date: Oct 2010
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Just wanted to emphasize, when I mentioned above, about logging on to the EQEmu Discord, it really is a great place to get various support questions answered. Most of the project devs hang out there, for some, a lot more than these "old" forums.
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