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Old 08-16-2019, 07:04 PM
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Default Things I would LOVE To see in an emulation server

I thought I would post for any potential developer what I would like to ideally see in an emulation server.

1. Allow for multiclassing up to three classes. Yes, you can use all spells, pets and armor of any of your multiclasses:HOWEVER, there are penalties: first, no boxing allowed on the server,...period. Secondly, for each additional class, there is a 20% experience penalty. Maximum number of classes for a muticlass character is 3 in total although I can live with a max of two.

NOTE: essentially, I am looking for a mix between Everquest and what would be found in Dungeons and Dragons. Obviously, there is a demand for multiclassing since the fastest growing server is "Classless." However, they allow for all spells and all armor by everyone,which is NOT what I recommend for a host of reasons. However, two or three classes in one character would not only work but become VERY Popular for a long time!! I am amazed that no one has really tried this.

2. Much faster HP and mana regen; I would make each tick 2 seconds.
3. Generally much faster exp than live server. make it similar to either EQ test server or FV server.
4. Much more custom quests. They would involve assassination of specific mob(s), or killing of certain number of a type of mob etc. Other quests could be delivery quests. These should give great exp and rewards.
5. Treasure goblins potentially spawning on a random basis that can be killed for treasure an/or loot or crystal drops that can be used to get special purchasable items from vendors. This one point is already implemented on Imperium and is liked by players.
5. Much faster skill gains than that of live servers
6. Everyone able to make any tradeskill items with ingredients cheaper than that of live. More and better tradeskill items
7. Daily quests found in hub
8. Easy teleport port system to almost any zone.
9. No starting faction issues by any race.
10. GM events daily that are posted hopefully giving players some notice.
11. Much faster AA gains and new and better AAs while eliminating some of the crappy AAs.
12. More solo friendly by reducing hp of mobs and their ability to summon players or create pets. However, this probably wouldn't apply to the same extent to raid or boss mobs.
13. More accessible vendors in hub and more NPC buffers. that can give long term buffs to players.
14. Vendors in Hub selling most spells.
15. Tradeskill vendors in hub having all ingredients for items. Also, better tradeskill items especially bows, arrows, and potions. Most tradeskill items should mean something and have worth and demand by players.
16. A good, easy to use bazaar where players can sell stuff WITHOUT having to be online. I never liked the way EQ required players to have a character available to sell the items. Why can't a bot sell these items or have access to a "vending machine" type of safe to sell items?
17. A good website explaining the benefits of this server, the unique quests etc.

Yes, I know this is a large laundry list. However, I believe that done correclty, there would be a HUGE response to a server like this.
Old 08-16-2019, 08:31 PM
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