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Old 03-12-2017, 10:38 PM
Fire Beetle
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Originally Posted by NostalgiaEQ View Post
My prediction would be eqemulator's population would double and the forums would be off the hook with activity. Open source creates renaissance.
In this situation doubtful. Either way, unless a hacker gets in and steals it, it will never happen. I doubt we will ever see p99 released to the public.
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Old 03-13-2017, 12:24 PM
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The original post that I made was just a friendly reminder based on recent chatter - a reminder to not let things get too out-of-hand.

(Re: Articles 2, 3, 6 and 9)

I generally do not ban people right off the bat.

I will, however, delete or go in and redact information in a post that is in clear violation of the forum rules.
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Old 03-20-2017, 05:20 PM
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Originally Posted by jhiller View Post

MazeEq destroys servers and does shady shit and you guys let him post here, I sense some double standards on the "inside" crew.

If it is proof you want on my post about Secrets server, if that will provide proof enough on my past post I will provide that. I do not think we need proof on Maze, hell that is all over the place. He has been banned from every server on EqEmu. He knows he is banned from all the servers, I think he enjoys it.
Please name 2 servers that I am banned on buddy.


There's one, that's BNR.

Plz stop getting your panties in a twist because you spent 1.5 days on Secrets server before he handed the reigns.

I'm not on the "inside". Akkadius and the such are not the Nazi party. They don't want to police shit 24/7. BRUH.

If my memory serves, you went on a tirade about Drakiyth a while back as well. You seem to love to complain, enjoy your participation trophy.

<3 OP is a complete lunatic.
"No, thanks, man. I don't want you fucking up my life, too."

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