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Old 09-04-2021, 04:33 PM
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Default EQEmpires is looking for quest writers!

***EQEmpires is not affiliated or associated with EQEmulator.

EQEmpires is an upcoming server that has been in development for around 7 months. I made a brief post explaining what we are about here.

Many things have come together over the recent months that have allowed us to fix many longstanding emulator bugs, increase performance, and to create and take advantage of many new backend systems that players have not seen on my servers or the emulator at large.

We are looking to make very in-depth questlines and to tell stories through the game rather than having bland 'kill 10 mobs' quests. I am looking for somebody to help with writing the Lore and some of the major questlines/stories I have planned. Creativity is the main thing we are looking for, no technical knowledge is needed. With the help of some good writing we can really make these stories come to life.

This would be a great stepping stone for somebody who may want to run their server in the future, or wants to be involved long-term with a project that has serious potential to shake things up in the community.

If interested you can PM me on here or contact me on Discord @ Splose#1994. Thanks!
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Old 09-04-2021, 05:01 PM
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Originally Posted by Splose View Post
***[I] to tell stories through the game rather than having bland 'kill 10 mobs' quests.
Nice to see something flourish with imagination, rather than your "out of the box" ordinary "toon gets leveled, kills mob and loots it" grind. Looks like you got something pretty good going on there, behind the desktop.
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