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Old 09-05-2021, 07:32 PM
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Default Error: Todays updates - (up to 9172)

Just a note to the emu devs -

Was updating my windows test box at home here today, after pulling the source and re-compiling. Manifest shows updates to 9172. (since my last update)
Running world, it error'd out with the shared_tasks query, trying to create a table that already existed, but I just ended up doing it all manually, since some other queries weren't getting put in. It's all good now on my end, but it's still showing it running the 9168. Update script did nothing through it all.

9168|2021_08_31_pvp_duration.sql|SHOW COLUMNS FROM `spells_new` LIKE 'pvp_duration'|empty|
9169|2021_06_06_dynamic_zone_moved_columns.sql|SELECT * FROM db_version WHERE version >= 9169|empty|
9170|2021_03_03_instance_safereturns.sql|SHOW TABLES LIKE 'character_instance_safereturns'|empty|
9171|2021_03_30_remove_dz_is_current_member.sql|SHOW COLUMNS FROM `dynamic_zone_members` LIKE 'is_current_member'|not_empty|
9172|2021_05_21_shared_tasks.sql|SHOW TABLES LIKE 'shared_tasks'|empty|
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