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Old 10-29-2008, 02:30 AM
Fire Beetle
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Default Just a little trouble.

First of Windcatcher, great job you've done with this, thank you for the hardwork you've put into this.

I just having on installing issue, likely due to my brain's failure. Hopefully somone could help me clear up a few things. First when I was sourcing in the simpleclient sql file, it started freaking out everytime id tried to create the items table. Error: Duplicate column name 'id', well a quick look inside and I just changed the line PRIMARY KEY (id,id) to PRIMARY KEY (id) in the items table entry. If I wasn't supposed to change that, that would be my first screwup.

So sourced again with the change, and it sourced with out error. So changed the config files, and booted up world and zones, that started right up. Now went to go create account and follow the instructions Cripp gave in the sticky, BTW great instructions Cripp, thank you for those.

Following the directions to create a account mysql gives the error Field 'packencrypt' doesn't have a default value.

So forgive my failure... and thank you for any help.

Using MySQL 4.1.22
and simpleclient
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Old 12-29-2008, 04:59 AM
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Sorry for taking so long to reply. I'm no DB expert by any means, so I can't offer much help there. Is it working okay for you?

Now that I've got everything else released lately I'm working on getting another full release of SimpleClient out. I added over 80 spells tonight and tomorrow I want to take a look at resurrection to see if I can get that working. Then I have a lot more DB work to do (mainly getting the new spells to merchants), reorganizing mobs, some testing, gah, it never ends. The short of it is that I really want to do a release before the end of the coming week (we'll see how it goes).

The spells I added pretty closely match live, though all names are changed, as well as a few numbers. I might go over it with another pass and change things some more. Oh, and I had to create a bunch of new spell icons to accommodate them, too, even more time spent... In case anyone's wondering, I'm not using the live spell file, for one that's illegal and for another it's a hugely disorganized mess anyway. Websites are better sources of information, and a thesaurus is a must when inventing names and placing entire spell lines along different concepts.

One step at a time. At least now, most of the cleric spells up to level 50 are in, barring resurrection spells, strength buffs, and a few odds and ends.
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