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Old 12-23-2016, 10:27 AM
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Talking Karana (XP x3, Bots, Speed)

I did a thing! Originally I created this server for a buddy and to get our EQ on. We both hate "boxing" so Botting was our best bet. As soon as I opened a couple ports..people started joining.. we had 11 player last night! nice.. anyway the more the better... Here's some tweaks i've done to the server in case anyone here wants to see.

Server intent: Bot your way through good times. (IP limit 2 connections; this isn't a boxing server)
Basic Tweaks: XP x3 (bonus group/raid/hotzone), Speed that of SoW, POK Merchants for all Defiant Gear and all Fabled Gear, POK Teleporter / Buffer, Epic 1.0's added to Crushbone + Starter Gear
Advanced Tweaks?: To make it more Bot-solo friendly. Raised:: Crit damage, Archery Damage, Spell Crits, OUT of combat regen, Bot Regen as well
Loot updated in: Crushbone, Veskar, Guks, CofMist, PoFear, PoHate, PoNightmare, Chardoc......more you'll have to find

Note: Been testing some named mobs...they aren't easy to solo w bot group (intended!)....not impossible either..u can figure it out
2 Note: I probably left some stuff off this list.. but whatever you get the point.

Last: See you on..or not.. again this was only suppose to be for a buddy and me lol... I'm tweaking things as i get time ... i love eq / eqemu Thanks

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