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Old 05-18-2014, 01:03 AM
Fire Beetle
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Default Others can't connect to my server

UPDATE: Fixed. Turned out to be an issue with my modem.

Ok so I've researched this topic and done everything I could find.

I set up a new server tonight. It shows up on the list and I can login from another box in my house just fine.

I have all the proper ports open on my router (7000-7100, 9000 both TCP and UDP to be safe).

My friend tried to log in from his place and got bounced. First gave him no feedback, then finally gave him the 1017 error. He is able to login to other servers just fine.

Here's my config:

<?xml version="1.0"?>

<!-- Only specify these two if you really think you need to. (read: You don't) -->
<!-- <address>Serving Machines IP</address> -->
<!-- <localaddress>do.not.edit</localaddress> -->

<!-- Loginserver information. Defaults shown -->

<!-- Server status. Default is unlocked -->
<!-- <unlocked/> -->

<!-- Sets the ip/port for the tcp connections. Both zones and console (if enabled). Defaults are shown -->
<tcp ip="" port="9000" telnet="disable"/>

<!-- Sets the shared key used by zone/launcher to connect to world -->
<key>some long random string</key>

<!-- Enable and set the port for the HTTP service. Defaults are shown -->
<http port="9080" enabled="false" mimefile="mime.types" />

<!-- Chatserver (channels) information. Defaults shown -->

<!-- Mailserver (in-game mail) information. Defaults shown -->


<!-- Sets port range for world to use to auto configure zones -->
<ports low="7000" high="7100"/>

<!-- Database configuration, replaces db.ini. Defaults shown -->


<!-- Launcher Configuration -->
<!-- <logprefix>logs/zone-</logprefix> -->
<!-- <logsuffix>.log</logsuffix> -->
<!-- <exe>zone.exe or ./zone</exe> -->
<!-- <timers restart="10000" reterminate="10000"> -->

<!-- File locations. Defaults shown -->
<!-- <spells>spells_us.txt</spells> -->
<!-- <opcodes>opcodes.conf</opcodes> -->
<!-- <logsettings>log.ini</logsettings> -->
<!-- <eqtime>eqtime.cfg</eqtime> -->
<!-- Directory locations. Defaults shown -->
<!-- <maps>Maps</maps> -->
<!-- <quests>quests</quests> -->
<!-- <plugins>plugins</plugins> -->

Any suggestions?

Also, if you think I should check certain files, please tell me where to find them. I'm still really new at this.

Thanks much.

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1017, connect, login

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