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Old 01-09-2019, 09:16 PM
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Default Hero's Respite

For anyone interested I am developing a new custom server named Hero's Respite. Focus of the server is replay-ability, economy, and customized content. I am striving to excel in areas, which I have noticed over the years, a lot of custom servers lack in. Join our discord for more information and progress updates!

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Old 01-10-2019, 05:39 PM
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for economy to work, need a population and ability to stop people from macro farming, boxing content by themselves among a few other things

something no custom server has ever really accomplished. i wish you the best of luck though, and i look foward to tracking the progress..

is there any estimated time until it launches/beta/testing etc
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Old 01-11-2019, 07:29 PM
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  • You have fought valiantly on Norrath and have been awarded entrance into the afterlife, named Hero's Respite.
  • Hariasa created this afterlife to search for a hero or legend foretold to defeat her former sisters. Hariasa believes this hero is you.
  • Hariasa is an Idsi warrior created by the gods themselves to uphold the values of the righteous gods and protect all of Norrath
  • There were 5 Idsi warriors created and all but Hariasa turned to evil and corruption when they could not bear to defend the Norrathians who did not hold their same values. Why would they work effortlessly to ensure the safety of such meaningless creatures and never get to relish in the spoils of their greed and selfishness.
  • When the 4 corrupted Idsi warriors rebeled against the will of their creators they cast out Hariasa and sealed their plane of power to anyone who did not bear the mark of an Idsi warrior. Knowing that Hariasa could not defeat all of them single handedly their plan worked for millenia where they have sown corruption from on high.
Level 1 - 70:
  • Hariasa believes you are the warrior who will bring an end to the Corrupted Idsi's reign of chaos.
  • In order to enter the Halls of Honor you will need to bear the mark of an Idsi which is attained through 7 trials.

  • Defeat the Bone Chewer Orc Clan and obtain the Idsi Novice Rune (Orcs) 1-10
  • Defeat the Blacksail pirate crew and obtain the Idsi Apprentice Rune (Pirates) 11-20
  • Defeat the Risen Dead and obtain the Idsi Adept Rune (Undead) 21-30
  • Defeat the Order of Blood and obtain the Idsi Expert Rune (Vampires/Drachnids) 31-40
  • Defeat the Gathered Elements and obtain the Idsi Greater Rune (Elemental Golems/Mephits) 41-50
  • Defeat the Hellborne and obtain the Idsi Expert Rune (Balrog/Brells First Creation/Rotdog/Amygdalan/Shades) 51-60
  • Defeat the Warborne and obtain the Idsi Hero Rune (Rallosian/Zek's) 61-70

Once you complete these trials you will be able to enter the Halls of Honor and fulfill your destiny.

Halls of Honor:
  • Defeating the corrupted Idsi warriors will grant you access to the max level hub zone (Katta Castrum) as well as access to max level content.
Max Level Content:
Sub-Class Weapons
  • Sub-Class weapons will be a way for players to customize the way their character performs. Each class will receive the choice between 1 of 3 weapons. Each weapon will receive 2 of either proc, clicky, or worn effects. These effects will change the feel of your class and provide a level of customization players long for.

Idsi Training Grounds:
  • The Idsi Training Grounds are a set of dungeon type zones (LDoN, Sewers from OoW, other generally small zones). These zones will be unlocked using a key. The keys have a global drop chance that is very rare. The training grounds will provide players with augmentations that will greatly increase performance.

Tradeskill Factions:
  • Every tradeskill in the game will receive a faction. Increasing this faction will be something we will reveal down the road. Reaching higher ranks with this faction will grant various perks/items. This will be the only way to receive [Legendary] gear.

1-70 Zone Factions:
  • Each leveling zone will receive its own faction. Reaching ally with one of these factions will grant you access to a perk and weapon ornamentations used by the NPC's in the zone.

Hero's Forge Ornamentations:
Achieving Hero's Forge Ornamentations will be no easy task. Not only will these ornamentations give you a sexy look they will also include the highest stats available. To achieve Hero's Forge armor you must go re-visit the Idsi Trials with increasing difficulty. The difficulties are as follows:
  • [Easy]
  • [Medium]
  • [Hard]
  • [Very Hard]
  • [Impossible]
You must complete the previous difficulty in order to move on to the next difficulty. You may attempt to conquer each Idsi Trial every 12 hours. Once you have reached and conquered [Impossible] difficulty you will be able to start your Hero's Forge quest line.

Treasure Goblins:
  • This Goblin will have an ultra rare chance to spawn after killing any mob in the world. There will be different types of goblins that are able to spawn each having a 100% drop chance for platinum bags and 1 Ultra Rare item. There will also be a Goblin Slayer faction associated which will reward various things.
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Old 01-17-2019, 09:26 PM
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Economy plans for Hero's Respite

One of the main driving forces in development of Hero's Respite is creating content that will generate an economy. I believe a server with mechanics in place to support an economy are the servers that have been most successful and the servers I enjoy the most.

I will outline some of the ways we plan to do that as I have been getting a lot of questions recently about what exactly "creating an economy" means to me and ultimately for the server.

One of the max level features will be the Idsi Training Grounds. This zone will be accessed through an NPC in the hub zone utilizing the following item:

As you can see this item is tradeable, additionally EVERY NPC in the world will have an Ultra Rare chance to drop this item. Making it obtainable at level 1.
This will give every player a chance at getting their foot in the door economy wise and also give max level players an alternative way to farm this item through PP or trading services/other items.

The Ultra Rare items do not stop there. Another max level feature is going to be the "tradeskill" faction NPC's. These NPC's will be the only way to obtain top tier gear. Different slots of gear will be locked behind faction levels. The only way to obtain faction for these NPC's is to turn in the following Ultra Rare world drops to them:

Notice these items are also tradeable and will be dropped globally.

Above I mentioned top tier gear and you may be wondering what the other tiers are and what they have to do with Ultra Rare items and ultimately an economy.
At level 70 you will be able to venture back into the zones you used to level up this time at an increased difficulty. The gear and difficulties both share the following schema:
  • [Basic] (Level Appropriate)
  • [Easy] (Base level 70)
  • [Hard]
  • [Very Hard]
  • [Impossible]
  • [Legendary] (Only obtainable through "tradeskill" factions)

Each zone will have its own "Powersource" with an Ultra Rare chance to drop said "Powersource":

Notice these items are also tradeable.

These powersources will be turned into an NPC in the hub zone to increase the corresponding faction. The rewards for this faction will be weapon ornamentations, matching the weapon models of the mobs in the corresponding zone, at lower factions and additional powerful perks and items at higher factions.

I hope that making these items accessible to all level players and being an Ultra Rare drop rate will create an even playing field for every style of players as well as generate an economy that does not rely on a large population.

I understand I did not touch a lot on WHAT these items will reward you and focused more on what they will do for an economy. If you have any questions about any of the content I am working on feel free to drop a line here on this thread or join our discord at https://discord.gg/mWsRBzP
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Old 01-21-2019, 01:40 AM
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I was sold by the cool graphic.
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